Upcycling old wash tubs and chimney flues

A dump find of old wash tubs and chimney flues and paint made a whimsical kitchen herb garden. In the winter I roll them inside and enjoy fresh/dried herbs all winter.
Our whimsical kitchen herb garden... on rollers

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  • Angela Carrera Angela Carrera on Mar 26, 2016
    have two of these that came on a frame but its rusting out quickly. what did you put yours on??? I was thinking some bricks just so they're not on the ground. thanks!!
  • Rose Rose on May 25, 2018

    How long does the Rustoleum paint last? I have my mom's old wash tubs and bought 5 cans of rustoleum paint. I saw on displayed in someone's yard and it is beautiful. That is where I got the idea and then I saw yours. I love it.


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  • Rose Rose on Jun 04, 2017
    I have my mom's old washtubs. I want to plant flowers in them. I need to know what kind of paint do you use and how to preserve them.

    • Karen S Karen S on Jun 04, 2017
      Sorry my reply got lost. I found using acrylic spray paint is the easiest. When it dries, then apply a clear protective coating spray.
  • Dvi32947614 Dvi32947614 on Apr 15, 2018

    i have 2 wastubs ones on a wrought iron stand ( it's a drink holder has a spicket for ice melt one is an actual antique washbasin, i'm going to do this as soon as my plants need repotting!!!!! ty