My Garden in Michigan...First time growing Lettuce and probably my last....looks beautiful doesn't It?

Tastes so bitter I couldn't even eat it. My tomatoes are wonderful....Of course the salsa was made with store bought veggies as they are not ready here in Michigan yet, but still super yummy!!!

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  • Alisa W Alisa W on Mar 05, 2014
    I like red leaf...not bitter. OF course I have a bad sweet tooth so I think many things are bitter so some lettuce is bitter to me that most people think isn't. I also like young spinach...also not bitter. I have a large water trough that I plant like a giant lettuce bowl with 4 or so different varieties. My husband likes them all -

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Jun 17, 2018

    Ladena is correct. And make sure your lettuce gets enough water, that will also make it bitter tasting. Try it in a container, it's a lot easier to grow and harvest regularly. Lettuce is one veggie that keeps regrowing if you harvest the smaller leaves. Yummy