Affordable and Chic Home Office In 5 Easy Steps

First, I have something I want to share with you. I`ve been drooling over beautiful home offices and dreaming about my little corner for quite some time and keep the ideas on Pinterest. I know that sounds like a stupid little dream. It is! The only reason why is because I don`t have enough space! My home is so teeny-tiny!
But, I will find that perfect little spot somewhere in the house! Full stop!! I`m sick of working on my dining table, while my family eats, drinks and having a nice chat while I`m freaking out, or writing my blog posts late at night when everyone else goes to sleep, because it`s the only quiet time of the day!
So, while I was thinking how to set up and decorate my perfect home office, I thought why not share it with you. Maybe you want to decorate your home office too, or just want to jazz it up a little, so maybe this might be helpful.
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1. Start with a neutral base
You can`t go wrong with a neutrals. Use neutral colors for bigger areas, like walls, desk or chair. Then add a pop of color with art, office supplies and decoration. Great thing about decorating with neutrals is: a) they goes well with any style and b) you can change it at any time with just a few fresh details.
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2. Dress it up
If you are looking for space that`s going to keep you inspired, make your home office equally beautiful as functional.
Use functional, but stylish details in your favorite colors, try to chose items that compliment each other, rather to just use hodge-podge of items you already have.
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Find beautiful organizers, notebooks, scissors, pens, stapler etc., add fresh flowers or plant and a scented candle for complete experience of enjoyment. Let it become a perfect spot for the start of your day!
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3. Create a inspirational board
Who doesn`t want to be inspired every day!? But sometimes we just don`t wake up with head full of wonderful ideas. So we go to Pinterest, Tumbler or some other places to find it. Even better, make your own inspiration board and stay inspired every day. Just use a picture frame, put a piece of cork board in it and pin away. Print inspirational quotes, pictures or just use photos from the magazines, add some cute knick knacks, photos of family and friends and there you have it!
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You can easy DIY it with iron mesh...
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or pegboard too.
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4. Take a full advantage of your space
Think out of the box when it comes to organizing your office. If you don`t have that much space, it doesn`t have to be the problem. Think vertically and use your walls to make some more space for your stuff. Just a simple shelf or two will do the trick. You can use them to store all the items you need and declutter your desk. Out of sight, out of mind, simple as that!
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Plus, you get to decorate them too!
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5. Organize, organize, organize
Organizing your work space is a Key to Success!! Use cute and colorful folders and boxes to tackle your paper clutter, craft supplies and other bits and bobs and label everything so you can find it at any time.
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If you have the cabinet in your office, make a pull out drawer for your printer and hide it behind closet doors...
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or use your diy skills to make great storage for pens, brushes etc., out of piece of wood board and mason jars.
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And finally, sit at your pretty desk and don`t forget to Do More Of What Makes You Happy!!
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Vesna Gavrilovic - Home Chic Club
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