Updated Closet to Desk Area

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I have this closet a update with a little fun accent


This closet needed an update and so I made it into a desk/craft area with a little paint.

Step 1

I needed to start with a blank slate so I took out a shelf, filled holes and painted the entire inside of the closet a fresh coat of paint! Also because I was adding a desk and the feature wall this needed to be done first!!

Step 2

I picked two colors of paint that were fun and different and found a couple of different sizes of brushes for the dots!

Step 3

There is no right and wrong way to do this.. I just went with whatever making smaller and larger dots on the wall! It helps if you don’t have a ton of paint on the brush! Also keep a wet paper towel close by just in case you need to touch up here and there.

Step 4

step back and see where you can add more or less and go from there! Like I said there is no rhyme or reason to this so let your creative heart flow. If you want it to look neater you would need to measure out where you’d like each line and size of dot to go!


I finished it up by using Mdf shelves and some 1/4’s to brace the shelf’s and desk top! Get a plant, a picture, baskets for organizing to add your own fun to any smaller space and what once was a closet is now a space with new purpose!

Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (Dollar store or Hardware store)
  • Paint brushes   (Dollar store)
  • Shelving   (Hardware, home building store)

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