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Left Arm was broken off a in tatters from a moving company and the desk needed to be redone
Left arm and side rail mangled in a house move...side rail visible in background.
Side rail and arm fixed and re-attached and in traction.
Finished product
Hinges not even...removed, filled holes, re-drilled and re-attached
Slide out desktop rails with new felt....Finished side rail and arm for above chair better shot
inside before.
Inside After.
Finished outside of desk.

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  • The ONLY wood that I will paint is poplar or birch as they have no distinguishable grain....I have to hold my tongue on many of these projects as all anybody wants to do is press the "easy" button and paint. I had to refrain from making a negative comment on a MAHOGANY dresser that was "Glass Painted" ? had cedar drawers and dovetailed joints, heirloom quality to start and not anymore....!!!!!
    • Lyd5780605 Lyd5780605 on May 31, 2017
      Hello, i have a question to you as a professional... I am the beginner... but like wood as it is... So, i bought a dining table and 6 hairs back to 70th.. Already sanded chairs, primedthem for the next painting... as they were not in a good condition. But the table looks much more better and it has a huzelnut ( not sure, just think it is!) venner. I used the painter and used that special chemists to remove the vanish. But i was faiked,,, it was not removes as i wanted. So, started to sand and the sand paper 220 doesn't remove that scretches i already made with the snadpaper of 60.... Any advice? Appreciate all as i want to finish this project and to move further in work with wood. Sorry for my English. Lydia, Belarus
  • BTW...Thank you Marion for respecting heirloom quality furniture