Roadside Trash to Bedroom Beauty Thanks to Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain

Brenda C. Jones
by Brenda C. Jones
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3 Hours
Found this Princess paint job gone wrong on the side of the road and knew it could be a beauty with the help of the Magical Collection from Unicorn SPiT Canada (Pixie Punk Pink, Zia Teal, Blue Thunder and Purple Hill Majesty).
Here is a picture of this little desk before the Unicorn SPiT. Someone had painted it a dark pink and mauve purple with flower knobs. Hmm, this needs some help.
Goo Gone to clean up the grungy desk surfaces
I gave it a good cleaning with Goo Gone Paint Clean-Up wipes. The top was pretty rough but I decided not to sand because I wanted to use the painted surfaces to add depth to the piece.
Here is my pallet, a plastic plate and F30.
I put my SPiT on a plastic plate and got to work with my F30 Cling On Brush. I dipped my brush into the colours, sometimes two at a time and swiped them across the surface of the desk. I embraced the original pink and purple paint and didn’t worry if I didn’t get full coverage. All surfaces except the back were covered with Unicorn SPiT. Pixie Punk Pink, Blue Thunder, Purple Hill Majesty and Zia Teal were used, full strength.
Here is the dried top.
You can tell Unicorn SPiT it dry when it has a chalky finish. Now it is time for the oil based sealer.
Watco Butcher Block to seal the SPiT.
I chose my favourite, Watco Butcher Block Finish. I put 3 coats of Watco on the top and 2 on the rest. Lightly sanding with extra fine Steel Wool, in between coats.

Unicorn SPiT to make over the flower knobs.
Time to make over the knobs. Of course, I used the same colours of Unicorn SPiT on the knobs. I smeared it around with my fingers until it had the look I wanted.
Mod Podge Pearl Spray to seal the knobs.
To seal the knobs I used Mod Podge Pearl to give them a silver look. Unfortunately, I sprayed it heavier then I had in mind, covering up most of the Unicorn SPiT. I took some of the extra fine steel wool and sanded it back a bit.
Look at that shine!
Now that it is done, here is the top of the desk. Notice the difference between the top coat shine and the chalky finish before it was sealed.
Three side drawers, showing the now silver knobs.
Front drawer. I kept the glass knob as it was, originally.
All staged. It is my shop, DIY'ers Den in Vernon, BC. Hopefully it will find it's new home soon enough.
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT - The Magical Collection   (Unicorn SPiT Canada)
  • Watco Butcher Block Finish   (Windsor Plywood)
  • Cling On Brush F30   (Unicorn SPiT Canada)
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  • It looks wonderful Brenda, I just love those colours there is something so striking about them together. I now have the nerve to get up and change my colours up a bit. Going to tackle a table next.

  • Brenda C. Jones Brenda C. Jones on Mar 10, 2018

    Thank you, Annette, I have seen your work, it is so beautiful. I can't wait to see your table all done.