Stork Line Nursery Dresser and Oak Desk

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OMG I so love this project! I found this storkline Nursery dresser at a garage sale for $10. I just so happen to find the little oak desk at a Goodwill about the same time. Buying them at the same time they seem to belong together. Lastly after a couple of months of searching I finally found a little chair at an antique parking lot sale to go to the desk. The poor chair was broken and covered in so much paint with the last color being the most hideous shade of green!!🤢 I was able to find new Old Stock wheels exact matches to the original 1 inch acrylic clear Wheels) I special ordered the handles wanting them to be just the right shade of bronze and just the right shape to try and keep with the integrity of the piece. The accent paint color is my own mix from two different shades of behr paint and I put a bronze glaze on both the dresser and the desk after I painted and stained. The bronze glazing was an accent to the and gave it just a hint of patina. I used a stain called Old American. I was definitely amazed at the end product!😁 I even made sure the sliding doors on the bottom of the dresser worked and boy that was not easy. Staging them for pictures to show the different uses was just as much fun. I love to repurpose old things for a new use and bring life back into them. They both went to good homes that will have them for many years to come. The dresser was sold to a lady and is used in a antique home in the bathroom. The desk was purchased by a grandmother to give to her grandchild. They will definitely have it for a long time and be able to pass it down. Needless to say they don't build them like they used to. Inside the door of the dresser was the original stork Line Nursery sticker which was covered during the refinish process and glazed over to preserve it. I hope you enjoy it viewing my pictures and reading my story. I most certainly enjoyed making it.
My yard sale find and thrift store goody LOL
A close up after the track was regrooved and here are the new Wheels.
Such a studious and sturdy desk
One of the staging pictures with bathroom toiletries. Oh the many uses

Suggested materials:

  • Old american stain   (On line)
  • Behr paint   (Jo-Ann's)
  • Bronze handle special order / wheels   (Antique refinish store)

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  • Wendy Wendy on Oct 22, 2017
    I love the color!!

  • William William on Oct 22, 2017
    Love the mix of wood and stain. Great choice of color.

    • Theresa Theresa on Oct 22, 2017
      Thank you so much it's hard to see it in the pictures however I used a copper glazing so that it would bring out the copper in the handles