Office decoration ideas?

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  • Are you purchasing or planning on homemade decor? Or have people bring extras from home?
  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 01, 2017
    Is this an area where outsiders will be seeing or just staff? It also comes down to safety and fire hazards.
  • Bobbie Bobbie on Dec 01, 2017
    Much of the decorating depends upon what budget your office has and what they have that you can incorporate. Have Fun!!!!!!!!

  • Mona Mona on Dec 02, 2017
    Personally I love a theme and if that theme can be done on a budget or transition into the next season all the better. It would depend on the office and staff. Some like a sophisticated Christmas while others love whimsy. A theme at an office can be Santa's mail room, where you wrap existing empty boxes from the supply room as parcels and gifts, use a mail cart, envelopes and such all Christmas designed and add a few touches with garland and what have you. String envelopes made to look like they were written by children addressed to Santa or from Santa to each employee into a garland to string across some place. Or wrap small boxes to make garland. Make a mail box and make it look as though it is stuffed full, have some Christmas sacks filled with boxes. Each desk/cubicle gets a creatively wrapped gift or you have an contest for the best wrapped gift. Then turn the break room into an elf break room, have a hot chocolate bar set up for a period of time with treats. Basically gift wrap, mail and boxes are your theme, build from there. A red and white theme where you can take things away in January and do all white to represent a clean slate and the crispness of winter and add back some red in February for love and Valentines (if your office decorates for that). You can use tree branches and things found in nature, paint the branches white if you want, snowflakes, and then punches of color with evergreen and poinsettias' red berries, cardinals. You can do a travel/around there world theme, areas represent Christmas decorations from places around the world or celebrations. We did this as a family each person picked a country and we had a game, background of celebration and food from the country and we each took a night to share it. You can use map's, globes, if there is a collection of snow globes to be borrowed and displayed, old luggage, post cards for travel, get a bulletin board and have people post their favorite vacation photo's for a travel theme. Or something that represent the state you live in or states/countries people are from. Photo's would even work for a Christmas nostalgia theme, if they have favorite holiday photo's to share from childhood or with their own kids, photo copy those and turn them into ornaments for a tree, put in frames to hang up the work place have staff share a favorite Christmas memory and put it in an email with photo's some of the best or funniest stories shared. For that you might find toys from different era's to display, slinkies, Barbies, Star Wars, second hand places and on line would be a good place to look for those. Go for a more homemade feel, with popcorn garland and simpler times and Christmas's past. For a Christmas party do a board game night current and from childhood. Even a board game theme. You could do a candy theme, lot's of ideas here and on any web search for easy inexpensive decor ideas. The ideas are almost endless. This year my own family we are doing camp Christmas, my house is decorated in a lodge type of vibe. It all depends on how many people are at the office and what they like and want to spend and how much time. Best of luck, have fun with it and happy Christmas!