Turning an Outdated TV Armoire Into a Useful Home Business Cabinet

Lori Fitzgibbon
by Lori Fitzgibbon
I had a TV armoire cabinet that I no longer wanted to use but was still in really good shape. I needed a place to keep printer, bills and laptop out of site. And Tadaa, idea! Here's how I did it.
This is the outside. Very simple.
First I had to put the TV on something else, done! Then clean this one out and move into position. Done! Now the fun part, deciding what I wanted and how I would use it. I knew a printer was going in it and the basics so I had an idea I just had to make the inside work for what was iny head.
Original shelf in place and additional shelf
The printer was put into the cabinet and we measured for the additional shelf I wanted. I realized I also needed a hole for the plug but I didn't want the big hole in the back, so my solution was to have hubby drill a hole for me that the plug would go through.
Here is the plug hole.
Now, it's time for the other stuff. I added a zip top folder with heavy duty dbl. stick tape. This holds important paperwork for my taxes each year.
Here's the folder.
Then I had to decide what else was needed. I always need envelopes and pens printer paper etc. So I made room for that plus all the little stuff you use. If you have a kid, ask them to play office with you they are great at this, lol. If you work outside the home, you have an idea of what you use all the time. You could even add a charging station.
Almost done. Necessities are in place.
As I started putting things into the cabinet I realized I like stuff, lol.
I use index cards for notes and sticky notes to remind me to do something around the house. I also realized I collect a lot of paper and I was able to throw it out.
The next part is the bottom of the cabinet.
Bottom section, so many possibilities!
Time to organize and decide again. Since it was in my dining room it had to pull double duty so I used one side for dining room stuff and one shelf on the other for paper storage.
After that I'm ready to be done!

All done!
Finally everything is in the cabinet, sorted and put where I can get to it. I'm sure there will be more purging goin on, but I'm ready for lunch.
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