Upcycle Yogurt Container Into a Pen Holder “Jersey Girl Knows Best

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Once I took off the plastic sleeve on the yogurt container to reveal a simple white container, I knew I could use this to create something useful...and the bonus is that it also serves a purpose for an upcoming birthday party! Win, win in my book! Ready?! Let’s do this!

This is the yogurt container I used.

These are the materials I used to add the glitter to the bottom of the container.

First I taped off the bottom with painters tape.

I then put white glue. This is the only glue I had at the time, but for a more long lasting secure hold, I would recommend using E6000 glue or Gorilla Glue Contact Adhesive.

And brushed it on for an even layer. The brush is from an old kids paint set.

Now it’s glitter time! ✨

Once it was fully dried, I gently removed the tape.

I added another layer of glue to help secure the glitter and I let that dry as well.

I wanted a more gradient or ombré look, so I added a bit more glue above the line in dots.

I added some glitter to the glue dots.

This is how the glitter turned out.

Now on to the next step. These are the next set of materials.

I heat up the bolt on the stove with a long handle rubber coated plier. Be cautious!

This bolt is super hot! Be careful! On my first attempt the bolt was not hot enough and I cracked the lid...lesson learned 🤔

These are the finished holes in the lid.

Here is the finished project, not bad for something I was going to throw away ♻️ Pencil/pen holder complete!

Suggested materials:

  • Recycled yogurt container   (ShopRite)
  • Painters tape   (Walmart)
  • White glue   (Dollar Store)
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