10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers Made For Walkin'

Has your old or damaged floor got you down? There is still time to save it! You’ll just need to hop on over to Royal Design Studio’s Floor Stencils Collection and choose your favorite pattern. Floors stencils give you the ability to remodel your floors without the hassle of stripping, prepping, and spending lots of money. Better yet, floor stencils can be used directly on a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, cement, hardwood, rugs, and more! If that sounds right up your alley, then check out these 10 stenciled floors that were made for walkin’!
America's Color Consultant's founder Florence Jones sure knows her stuff! She knows that pattern and color two ways to add custom pizzazz to home decor, but when used together they create true personal style. This is why she doesn’t leave a room without both pattern and color, and turns to Royal Design Studio for the latest pattern trends. Above, she used our trendy Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil in black, white, and gray on a linoleum bathroom floor.
This action shot from Black Pebble Design and Studio Ess using our Lisboa Tile Stencil shows how much fun stenciling can be! You can truly make it your own with your favorite pattern and paint colors. Here, she is showing how our tile stencils can be pieced together and directly painted on a linoleum floor to create an allover pattern.
Look whose found their new favorite spot! Carte Blanche Upcycle’s precious pup made himself comfortable on this Lisboa Tile Stenciled floor. It’s pretty great that this stenciled linoleum floor will hold up with style for many years. If you’d worried about traction from heavy foot traffic and furry friends, make sure to seal the deal with Annie Sloan Lacquer Floor Finish.
Here’s our Lisboa Tile Stencil again, but on a concrete floor. Jen Woodhouse is seeing herself spending more time outdoors and wanted to do something about the boring concrete slab that was her patio. The sun beats down directly onto this area, so a stenciled concrete rug would be the best solution to weather wear. She got down to business (and onto the floor) with our Lisboa Tile Stencil and got to work. She also quickly realized that using our Large 3” Stencil Brush made a dramatic difference in stenciling the perfect pattern even on rough concrete. After only an hour, she has a relaxing outdoor patio with a Mediterranean design that will last for years.
Get outside and stencil! Lindsey Rae Design is getting her daily dose of Vitamin D by stenciling this outdoor walkway with our Esperanza Tile Lace Stencil. Cement walkways are the perfect place to directly stencil pattern onto and welcome guests in a unique way.
The Design Reef used our Blossom Floral Stencil to paint a concrete floor in their backyard seating area. They stenciled the pattern to create a rug-like look. A rug directly painted onto the porch is a great way to add style without worrying about the outdoor elements ruining a real rug.
Have you thought of prettying up an otherwise drab concrete floor with ANY of our stencils? Yep, that’s right! Any of our stencils work well on any surface, including floors! Consider the Peel is just tickled pink with how our Asmir Triangles Stencil gave her concrete floor that extra something special.
One Project Closer was determined to have a bright, bold, and creative space but stay within her budget. The solution? A stenciled black and white rug! With our All the Angles Moroccan Stencil and Pure White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan she set out to paint a pattern on a $20 floor rug that would ultimately give her office a modern and geometric look. She had an easy time stenciling her DIY rug with the help of our stencil instructions and easy-to-use Large 3” Stencil Brush. With such great products and resources, she was able to decorate this rug in an afternoon!
We have been seeing our popular Skylar’s Lace Floral Stencil everywhere – especially on floors! Over the years, a hardwood floor loses its luster, becoming beat-up, scratched, worn or even discolored if affected by water damage. Rather than going through such the messy and expensive process of refinishing, paint and stencil the floor to hide its flaws. This hardwood floor rug was painted with a French blue and was stenciled in a soft white by The Painted Dragonfly.
Stenciling directly onto hardwood floors makes for such a pretty floor, don’t you think?? Shannon’s Studio is almost done with theirs! The delicate swirled leaf motifs of our Sultan Swirl Stencil make the space so enchanting!

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