Completely renovating 1980s 850 sq ft condo on a budget. Ideas?

by Teri.jeffrey
I am renovating and plan to replace flooring/appliances and will paint kitchen cabinets. Repurposing is relaxing for me so looking for ideas on:
. replacing or updating louvered closet doors
. updating sliding plain closet doors
. window treatments including sliding patio door
. small sized built in storage cabinets
. bathroom vanities from old furniture
. disguising floral border tile in shower
. anything else that will give this space new life.

Thank you for your help!
completely renovating 1980s 850 sq ft condo on a budget ideas
Closet Doors
completely renovating 1980s 850 sq ft condo on a budget ideas
Louvered Doors
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  • Alexis Alexis on Jul 01, 2017

    On your closet door, consider replacing them with two doors that open from the middle. You will gain easier access to the closet andcan possibly re-evaluate your hanging possibilities. Use a ball catch at the top so you just pull to open and then add trim molding all around

    if you are replacing flooring now would be the time to upgrade from the builder baseboards and add door molding. you have bring this out of the 80s Pass on using any wall to wall carpeting In Fl. Tile or hardwood is the way to go. Even tho your place is small think big in flooring choices no smaller than 18 x 18 tile or for a much newer look use the rectangle tiles 12x24. Home depot or Lowes have them at good prices. Oh and use the same flooring throughout the condo and use area rugs for designated areas

    you could try painting tile with approximate paint OR you cold try removing the the border and replace withe a newer mosaic type tile. I would think that with the age of the unit it wouldn't be too hard to grind out the border

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jul 01, 2017

    If your plans are to sell the condo, I would be cautious about putting too much of your own taste in it. Clean, bright and light is the way to go.

    I would leave the sliding closet doors as they blend into the wall as this is not a large condo.

    Replace the louvered doors with sliding closet doors to match the others.

    You can buy ceramic tile paint for your shower.

    Everyone has their own taste in window treatments. The easiest is just vinyl blinds - including the sliding patio doors. That gives privacy until the new owner decides want look he/she wants.

    If you build storage cabinets, that will take away from floor space and limit furniture placement.....Maybe a closet interior makeover would suffice.

    A medium color laminate flooring flowing throughout the condo would look great And yes, replacing appliances with new is always a selling point.

    • Teri.jeffrey Teri.jeffrey on Jul 01, 2017

      Thanks for your ideas. Will definitely incorporate into my plans. Happy 4th.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 01, 2017

    Whatever you choose to do, do the floors first. If it is a common flooring you can do it a room at a time. This way you can finish one room and it will keep you going seeing how much better it looks than it did before. It will also show you if it is a look you want to keep going through out the condo. It is easier to budget room by room and don't have the whole condo ripped apart either.

  • Pri4759878 Pri4759878 on Jul 01, 2017

    Anything you can imagine, you can do

    • Teri.jeffrey Teri.jeffrey on Jul 02, 2017

      Thanks for reminding me that my imagination is the best tool. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Jul 01, 2017

    When dealing with the louvered closet door, does this closet need the ventilation those doors provide? If not, a standard style door should work. If the closet needs ventilation to keep musty odors/mildew/mold at bay, perhaps replacing the louvers with something else would suffice. I'm thinking caning or an open weave, even metal wire panels with an interesting weave you could do yourself. Thin layers of different shaped/sized wood could give an artistic and sculptural look to flat panel doors so long as they still work smoothly. Another option: the wallpaper that is textured and paintable could be used effectively on your doors.

    For the vanity: how much room do you have to work with? Do you have additional storage in the bathroom? Dressers or desks have proven adaptable as have workbenches or tool chests and sewing machine cabinets. Tiny Homes TV show featured a drum turned sink. I saw an upright piano cut down and used as a vanity cabinet in an antique store. Instead of a pedestal sink, how about a birdbath for the basin? Repurpose an entertainment center or TV armoire to house the sink and provide storage in a large bathroom.

  • Ili Ili on Jul 01, 2017

    Are you selling or keeping??? ... I will go just to basics, first things first....flooring, baseboards, paint (nothing too personal if selling, just basic classic colors, I like tan rather than gray, that comes and goes.....little by little, the condo will speak to you...what if buyers don't care about furniture for sinks in the bathroom, stick with pedestal or nice cabinet...Have fun

    • Teri.jeffrey Teri.jeffrey on Jul 02, 2017

      Keeping but won't go too crazy as I don't want to effect resale. Never know when life will change. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jul 01, 2017

    Oh my friend, first make a list of what you like most, the style and colors. Paint is the least expensive update you can give yourself. I suggest Valspar's Oyster Pearl. It's the perfect light neutral color that is warm and inviting I have personally used in my home. Start with one room and only one room then move on to the next. It won't be so overwhelming that way. Kitchen cabinets can be repainted & with new hardware you'll have that new look. Bathrooms can be changed out also with the help of Habitat resale sinks, toilets and tile. Bedrooms are or newer linens can brighten up the room making it comfy & cozy. Doors can be changed immediately with a coat of paint. ie: paint all doors black, keep trim semi gloss white. Seriously, visit your local thrift stores. I purchased a beautiful wooden bedroom set for $55.00 complete. (Almost fainted!) Best of luck.

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    • Teri.jeffrey Teri.jeffrey on Jul 15, 2017

      Thanks a million for suggesting Oyster Pearl. It is the perfect color.

  • Grace Robertson Grace Robertson on Jul 01, 2017

    On the doors, would you consider pocket doors? I have them in my house and I love them.

    • Teri.jeffrey Teri.jeffrey on Jul 02, 2017

      I have them in the bathroom but hadn't thought about using them elsewhere. Good idea. Thank you.

  • Teresa C Teresa C on Jul 04, 2017

    I would purchase the peel and stick painted ship lap look and place it on the sliders. The louvers I would leave as is. Everyone is into wood floors and I have had the white tile that is on your floors. Have you considered the Weathered wood tile to replace flooring?

  • Barb Barb on Jul 04, 2017

    Here are a few ideas and photo to help with your projects🏖

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 04, 2017

    For the floral tub border, Rustoleum and Homex made a Tub and Tile paint

    For all those sliding closet doors, favorite apartment had sliding shoji screens but instead of ricepaper they used heavy fiberglass paper. I repaired one door and got the fiberglass paper at Tap Plastics.

    For inexpensive curtains and bedding have you looked at