Finding my next home!

I plan to move back East from California by the end of January. I am looking at New England or parts of NY but my criteria is basic: affordable housing, safety, good community, access to healthcare, transportation (airport,train, bus), arts and culture, and four season weather. Not everything has to be in one area, for example, I would consider it an option to travel an hour to get to an airport or see a nice museum. With no contacts available, how do I even start looking without checking out one random town after another? Money IS a definitely an issue and I have to be prepared to leave California on an Amtrak train and arrive at my new destination with arrangements in place. I will take any and all advice, suggestions, leads and solutions from my smart, creative HomeTalk peers! Thanks!

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  • A reallygood real estate agent! There are firms that do nothing but relocation services.
    Here are a couple links, if you need more, let us know or just Google. Interview agents carefully, you need someone that is compassionate, understaning and will work within your criteria and budget.

  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 21, 2017
    Check out Rhode Island! We have affordable homes, great healthcare, we are close to cities like Providence and Boston!!! You may be surprised!

  • Ellis Ellis on Sep 21, 2017
    Check out websites like Kiplingers, Money, etc., which do features like "best place to live" or "best retirement cities." They also include information about state taxes, etc. This might help you narrow the scope of your search. There are parts of NY and NJ and Connecticut that are lovely and somewhat affordable provided you are willing to live at some distance from the city. The closer you live, usually the more expensive it gets! But there are trains and buses from suburban towns that will take you to enjoy what the city has to offer.

  • FL FL on Sep 21, 2017
    Thank you so much!

  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on Sep 22, 2017
    You want to stay away from Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts to live because taxes are high! I would suggest looking into a rental first and then scouting the area for homes to buy in the year you are renting. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are more affordable and you can travel easily from shore to cities quickly and comfortably. Boston is unaffordable to live in without a good salary but it makes a great place for day trips or weekend getaways. You will also want to consider, maybe primarily, where the best schools (if you have children), work availability (it doesn't sound like you're moving with your job) and of course transportation. Look at the Chamber of Commerce sites for the towns you select and they should tell you if public transport is available. Providence, RI is a wonderful town but I'm not sure about taxes and housing there, although one commenter states you should consider it. I hope you have a safe and pleasant journey to your new location and blessings on your new beginnings.

  • Susan Susan on Sep 22, 2017
    Rhode Island is getting too congested! I live in Warwick RI...should be named "Store"wick!!! North east Ct is where I am headed!

  • FL FL on Sep 22, 2017
    Thank you, everyone, for offering such good advice!

    • So welcome! You have a ton of excellent advice here. If it wasn't winter, I would have said to grab a girlfriend and road trip it. I have moved friends all over the country and it is so much fun! Make your train reservations enough in advance to get the best sleeper car.