What "Style" is my New Home ?!?! ♡

,... Ï know I know this must sound silly, but as rusty DIYer and a new home buyer, the closer to closing the more I second guess myself and style. Lol....***please note this is note my furniture***,......

Ï really don't know what to call the style of this home, making sure I keep some of that character in tact as well as put my yrs of pondering my dream home and design ideas over the yrs to use. But again I seconditions guess myself and how to present that in a style I feel represents me....

Ï am traditional, southern, farmhouse but not toooooo farm-y if that makes sense with design,....

Any and all tips, suggestions direction you could give is greatly appreciated. ...from my heart to yours!!

q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
q what style is my new home
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  • Zonski Zonski on Apr 21, 2017
    I do not quite understand your questioning. I think your house is beautiful, roomy, the furniture seems comfortable and laid back, so what is your point ?
    If i were given this house, i'd move immediately in it   .
    (The only thing i would saw off is the huge posts of this not-yours bed which make me think of a medieval torture that i won't describe.)

    So, is there something you want to change or is it just so that you can describe it to friends ?
    In the latter case, just call it a ME-house in which anyone can Mi aouse (it works well in French, though i'm not sure in English, where it would be Me-h-ows   ).

    Your house is really fine, with or without the furniture !
    Live well in it and have lots of friends come over
    • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 21, 2017
      My question was really what style home is this? There are traditional to modern to farmhouse styles of homes, I didn't build it just curious as to the style and how to keep that idea as I make it my own.
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 21, 2017
    Get rid of the railings on the steps ( looks like a church ) then add large flower pots at the middle landing. Bright color on the door. Install pillar wraps to update them.
    Show us what you have done
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    • Railings on the steps may be a building code requirement where she lives. I would just add potted plants to break up the look and add interest.
  • PJ PJ on Apr 21, 2017
    Keep the railing. They are a safety feature, for the elderly and young kids.
  • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 21, 2017
    Very true...however I don't luv the metal....reminds me of a restaurant lol
  • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Apr 21, 2017
    Beautiful house, but "farmhouse - ish" it isn't. Here's my ideas. 1st, paint out the yellow in main living area for neutrals like LINEN or light grey tones. Area carpets, throws on couches & chairs soften the look, as well as items hung on the walls. 2nd. The casual window coverings in the living & dining areas let in light & wonderful views, but I'd swap the kitchen light shades & the dining chandelier for more rustic ones. 3rd. Outside, hang & stand LOTS of plants & flowers along the glass railings on steps, & along the top of the brick wall. Maybe mount a mailbox with house #'s 1/2 way down steps. 4rth. Paint front door (maybe torquoise or red?) & matching floor mat, & painted posts will bring a pop. Personally, I'd be painting window trims & posts black for affect & add slim shutters on upstairs windows. PS: we also bought a "modern looking" house & I set about softening the cold, hard lines with soft colours, exposed windows & personal treasues to create a family atmosphere. But it took time, so enjoy & go slow - let it evolve around you.
  • Joh7772173 Joh7772173 on Apr 21, 2017
    I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have many vineyards, this home looks like what I call, 'Vineyard". It makes me think of a stylish home located amongst the grapevines. I like the airy, bright feeling. This style home in our are usually have semi heavy type upholstered furniture. Somewhat spare furnishings, but very dramatic and artistic, perhaps a bit Italian, Spanish or Mediterranean. I agree the pillars should be restyled to round pillars and the rail replaced, but the home is a beauty and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 21, 2017
    For the door, how about a bright color so you can see it?
    Do your lawn, foundation plantings last. you can take a pic to a good local nursery and they can help u choose what will compliment your home.

    It would be fun to see your progress!
    • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 21, 2017
      Thank you Sharon once again, I appreciate it. The view of the drive is arched trees and yard, hmm prob not typical as to what you'd consider a yard. Lol I'll attach a pic and as far as sharing progress, I def don't mind. I have always considered a blog but now I feel more of a purpose in what I would write :)
  • Zonski Zonski on Apr 21, 2017
    OOOOoooh, I see. Then i guess you should turn to a school of architects nearby and ask them
    And i'm happy that you brought this up since it also points out to the concept of relativity : some are just happy to have a home or even a tiny roof over their heads and others are wondering about style. This goes to show the different levels of well being within one and the same planet.
    And this is not a negative comment on your present concern, just a philosophical moment at the end of the working week
    By the way, i think the house is neutral enough to accommodate any style (moroccan sofas would go very well with the archways, and so would any scandinavian style furniture... and probably 70's pop colorful objects, and even African fabrics or Batiks).
    I guess you just bought yourself the perfect house
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    • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 21, 2017
      Well, I appreciate that and try not to take offense to it. This is my first home, it's taken many many yrs to get to this place of ownership and I've had many different "roofs " over my head all these yrs. All of which were a blessing and I take nothing for granted. I think I'm more nervous just bc it's such a blessing, I have to pinch myself and it still doesn't seem real.
  • To me it looks "modern ranch" and the inside is oh so much more sophisticated. Large bright airy rooms who could want more? I get you like certain aspects of farm style, they can add charm and charcter without going overboard. All of your styles can easily be represented. Start with what you already have, then move stuff around a million times. Repaint if necessay. Go room by room, if it is easier for you that way.

    This is a beautiful home with good bones. Have fun, don't stress and do what makes you happy!
  • Laura Laura on Apr 23, 2017
    Southern ranch. Therefore keep its air flow goIng. I think you should get wood shutters for the porch windows. Stay in the same beige tones. I'd hang some plants form the ceiling in between the pillars, and I agree your pillars should be more substantial. You could just brick with same brick of house around the base of each one. I'd put little square pots of bright flowers on inside of the hand rail of the stairs unless you have a person in need of a lot of support when using stairs. If that's too much for you then just on the landing and base of stairs. I'd paint that landscaping stone beige to match your brick. I'd plant a small flowering tree ( weeping cherry.?). in between the two porch windows about half way down the lawn. Won't obstruct views but will add shade and interest and keep erosion of lawn down.
  • Feekie Feekie on Apr 23, 2017
    I agree with Naomie M. that your home looks a lot like a Modern Ranch-style home on the outside. However, the interior is very sophisticated and not "ranchy" (is that a word?) at all, so it seems you have the best of both styles. I'm curious to know if this was intentional on your part or just a "happy accident." The wood floors are gorgeous, and I love the openness of the floor plan. However, being a woman with two young granddaughters, as well as three dogs and three cats, the sophisticated look wouldn't be practical for me, but it would be easy to adapt the wonderful open spaces to my casual laid-back lifestyle. With regard to the outside of the home, I totally agree with the other posters who suggested painting your front door a bright cheerful color. I just repainted my front door a bright turquoise/medium blue. It had been red for several years, and I'm really enjoying the change of color. Those are some formidable stairs leading up to your house! In fact, my knees actually cried out in pain when I saw them. Needless to say, I definitely urge you to keep some sort of railing for the stairs. I agree that the existing railing isn't all that attractive, but I hope you will keep it until you discover a better/prettier one. Finally, putting in foundation plantings, flowering shrubs, rose bushes, blooming flowers in pots, a colorful and cute hanging birdhouse, shutters, colorfully painted porch furniture, a tree in front, etc. will go a long way in turning your new house into a home.
    • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 24, 2017
      To answer your question, the home was not designed by me, therefore had it been there would have been changes.

      There are other gorgeous features to this home that accommodate my families needs, acreage, room for my in-laws to permanently reside etc. That being said, again i understand there are elements that I will change over time.
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 23, 2017
    What I don't like on the front facade is the color is chopped into white on dormers, then lower half is beige/grayed. It makes the dormers the most prominent feature.

    First you could paint the dormers to blend with lower half of house, use the same color on the window trim below on the window trim above. The sides of the dormers could be painted some color slightly darker than the trim.

    Second option, paint the window trims upper and lower a bright color like white, red or cobolt blue, and the door. Also maybe the flashing on upper dormer.

    You can buy long planter boxes that fit onto metal railings to add color. Or remove railing along porch and add planter boxes along edge. And then the portion going up stairs could be painted to look like wrought iron or the red/blue.

    The two columns close together on left are odd.... I would ask builder if they are both structural, and if one could be removed. The columns look like bare wood standard lumber. I would clad them .. add a bit of trim at top and bottom. Paint .

    Then I would add a few hanging baskets, love them with blue lobelia which would complement the door if you go with cobolt blue.

    Add a big pot in same color at each side of the stairway/meets drive, and fill with more bright flowers or an ornamental tree.

    Love the inside, I would leave as is.
    • Lindsay Dillon Lindsay Dillon on Apr 24, 2017
      Thank You, I agree, there are eye sores in the front. there has only been 1 owner of this home and he was the builder of it. Obviously it was built to their taste and over time, these are things we will change. But I completely understand and can visualize the changes you mentioned. starting with flowers, planter boxes, etc...I will look up that flower type as well. Thank you for your reply!
  • Charlene Charlene on Apr 24, 2017
    To my eye your exterior is southern ranch, the interior southern transitional. It is a beautiful house soon to be a home. Once you move in and get a feel for your space you will know what furniture to use to make it all yours. If still in doubt use an in store designer to assist you, but take your time and relax just do what YOU want not what anyone else says you must. Hit some auctions and estate sales also go to open houses for ideals, just have fun, enjoy and it will all come together for you.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Aug 28, 2021

    It's a beautiful house, and you can make it match your style once you move in with all your own items and personal touch.