Breathing Life Back Into a 113 Year Old Home

My husband and I purchased this home for $1.00 from his family. It sat empty, except for the mice for 9 months this past winter. We started by leveling the old flower beds in the front of the house and unearthing the sidewalks. Then the real work began. The house had been winterized but when we turned the water back on we had leaks. We were on a $4,000.00 budget.
The house.
We had to replace the hot water heater, washing machine, fix leaks in the basement, and bathrooms.
When all that was completed we ripped out the 30 year old carpet and began repairing cracks in the walls.
This house has plaster and lathe walls. If we could afford it we would have torn it out and put up Sheetrock, but we not only were on a tight budget but a time crunch also.
There were some good sided cracks under the existing wallpaper so we decided to paint over the flocked paper, after brushing, recasting and vacuuming it.
Just some of the woodwork
The next steps were cleaning the woodwork, and this house has some gorgeous woodwork and lots of it. And lots of brass light switch cover, door hardware, window hardware. A lot of which I can get to this winter.
Push button lightswitch cover.
Pocket door hardware.
I found Barkeepers friend is the best for cleaning old tarnished brass.
The next step after painting and prep was getting the carpet installed.
I've run out of room so I will begin another post. Stay tuned.

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