1. Get a pricey concrete look with Venetian plaster

In this tutorial, you will discover how to create a stylish concrete appearance on your walls using Venetian plaster. The best part, you won't have to spend on a solid cement structure!

By following the steps outlined, you can transform a fireplace or any other surface with a modern or industrial vibe. Using high-quality plaster and simple tools, you can create a stunning concrete effect and add opulence to your home without breaking the bank. Get tutorial here

2. Create a planked wall on the cheap

Upgrade your living room with a modern and chic TV wall that exudes luxury on a budget.

Uncover the secret to finding safe pallets and effortlessly disassembling them while also mastering the art of accurately measuring your walls for a custom fit.

Then, simply follow the step-by-step instructions to construct a stylish framed wall structure that beautifully complements your TV. Get tutorial here

3. Get that custom built-in look using some plywood

Create a lavish and customized fireplace surround by crafting your own mantel and incorporating built-in bookcases.

Marly Dice's clear-cut guide will effortlessly lead you through the steps. Starting from creating a mockup using tape to gathering all the essential materials, you'll receive comprehensive step-by-step guidance from beginning to end.

This project combines functionality and elegance, offering plenty of space to store your books and decorations while adding a touch of luxury to your home. Get tutorial here

4. Stencil exotic looking patterns onto your old tile

Give your floors a gorgeous makeover without the expense of replacing them.

By utilizing a stencil, chalk-style paint, and a sealant, you have the ability to turn ordinary tile floors into a captivating focal point. Incorporating intricate designs and patterns allows you to attain a sophisticated look reminiscent of costly ceramic or mosaic tiles. Get tutorial here

5. Use spare trim to fancy-up your simple windows

Instantly elevate the look of your windows by incorporating DIY mullions, resulting in a refined and sophisticated appearance.

This affordable project offers the opportunity to attain a high-end aesthetic and introduce architectural charm to your home's interior, all without the expense of replacing the windows. Get tutorial here

6. DIY your own trendy barn door

Revamp your living space with a dash of opulence as you embark on an exciting barn door project. This ingenious endeavor will bring a trendy and sophisticated ambiance to your home without denting your wallet.

In just a span of two days, armed with readily available materials, you can fashion this captivating masterpiece that effortlessly elevates any room's aesthetic appeal. Get tutorial here

7. Cut into your wall for this shortcut to built-ins

Add storage to your kitchen with this fun and creative wall shelf project.

Using basic tools like a jigsaw and mini craft saw, along with affordable materials like cedar wood and plywood, you can create stylish shelves that blend seamlessly into your kitchen walls. 

Enjoy the satisfaction of a DIY project that adds both functionality and sophistication to your kitchen space. Get tutorial here

8. Make your old countertops look like granite

Give your kitchen or bathroom countertops a stunning makeover without the hassle and expense of replacing them.

Discover an ingenious paint technique that effortlessly replicates the luxurious look of granite surfaces.

This affordable project will revitalize and update your countertops, creating an impressive high-end appearance that will leave your guests in awe. Get tutorial here

9. Put up a French antiquity tile backsplash

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting Blue Delft tiles, these resourceful homeowners managed to recreate their allure using affordable materials and imaginative techniques.

The result is a distinctive and authentic look that exudes timeless elegance, perfect for adding a lavish touch to your space. Get tutorial here

10. Cover up popcorn ceilings with shiplap

Upgrade the look of your ceilings by covering up textured or popcorn surfaces with a shiplap treatment.

Through the clever use of cost-effective resources and a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide, you can attain a sleek and contemporary ceiling design. Get tutorial here

11. Board & Batten Walls - Mid Century Modern Twist

Infuse your walls with a touch of mid-century modern elegance by installing board and batten paneling.

This affordable project creates a stunning architectural detail that adds depth and visual interest to any room. With a bit of DIY expertise and budget-friendly materials, you can achieve a sophisticated and luxurious look that will impress guests and elevate your home's aesthetic. Get tutorial here

12. Mudroom Makeover Using an IKEA Hack

Transform your entryway or laundry area into a functional and stylish mudroom space with a clever storage hack.

By utilizing affordable organizational systems and repurposing items such as hooks, bins, and benches, you can create a mudroom-inspired storage solution.

This project not only adds a luxurious touch but also enhances the practicality of your home, keeping clutter at bay. Get tutorial here

13. Update Dingy Floor Tiles

Revive tired and stained floor tiles without the expense of replacement using a grout pen.

This affordable project allows you to freshen up the appearance of your floor, making it look cleaner and more luxurious. By simply applying a new layer of grout with a pen, you can transform the overall look of your tiles, giving them a fresh and pristine appearance. Get tutorial here

14. Add crown molding to your front door

Make a striking first impression by giving your front door a makeover.

By adding crown molding, you can infuse your entryway with a distinctive character and an elegant touch.

With minimal effort and expense, this project offers a fantastic opportunity to revitalize your home's entry and make it truly remarkable. Get tutorial here

15. Or add crown molding to kitchen cabinets

Elevate your plain kitchen cabinets with the timeless allure of crown molding. By cleverly utilizing cleats and caulk, you can achieve a fancy and polished look without much effort.

This project adds a luxurious feel to your home without the need for expensive renovations. Get inspired and give your cabinets a stylish makeover that will make them stand out.  Get tutorial here