Ultra Modern NYC Micro Apartment

Step inside one of NYC's ultra modern micro apartments... its like living inside of a first generation iPod.

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  • Rena S Rena S on Aug 01, 2012
    I have a 420 sq ft apt. it is a 3 floor walk up with outdoor walkways. I love it. some of the storage could be bigger. or done more efficiently, but it is all I can handle. One thing I am missing; a balcony. And less stairs would be nice. I have a garden at my friends, so I do get to plant and I have a 2 nice windowsills so I can have some small pots. Great for me.
  • Gretta G Gretta G on Aug 05, 2012
    My daughter and her then-boyfriend (now husband) lived in a 1 bedroom, 5th floor walk up apt on the lower east side that was just under 300 sq ft for almost 2 years. The only thing they really missed was outdoor space and closet space but the kitchen, bathroom and "living" room were adequate and their tiny bedroom had enough room for two ikea "closets" and a full sized bed. What killed me was they their rent was double my mortgage payment for a 1500 sq foot detached suburban home in central PA. They love NYC and the price of life there is small spaces at high cost. Fun to visit them, dont want to live there.