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Single or double wide, mobile homes are a popular, affordable option for anyone eager to become a homeowner. However, some people pass them up, because they envision themselves in a country farmhouse, cozy cape or mid-century rambler instead of the standard architecture of many manufactured homes.

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What they may fail to realize is that with a little bit of imagination mobile homes can be decorated just like any other structure, with tons of personal style, character and modern amenities.

So if you’re considering buying a mobile home or if you live in an older unit and you’re ready to update your kitchen or bathroom, take a peek. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and rounded up the most unexpected mobile home remodeling ideas to inspire you, no matter your style. They will knock your socks off.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel

Big changes or small swaps, there are lots of things you can do in your mobile home kitchen to transform it. Whether you’re a farmhouse fan or gravitate toward contemporary styling, you can get the look you crave with these creative ideas and add your own personal style to the most important room in the house.

Country Style Makeovers

From a touch of rustic flair to a full-on farmhouse, these mobile home kitchens are warm and charming spaces that draw you in. Coffee anyone?

Vintage Beauty

Shannon O-Junkflirt converted her retro mobile home into a vintage-styled dream with a top to bottom makeover. As her name clearly states, she has a passion for renovated and refinished finds, in fact, it’s her business. So it made perfect sense to remodel her kitchen with some of her favorite things. Nontraditional rehabbed furniture pieces, like an antique radio, serve as storage in her dining area and old kitchen accessories decorate the walls. It’s a room full of personality and rich decor, a far cry from the original space that featured standard issue paneling and tropical wallpaper. She painted, added molding and antiques in her no holds barred approach to her mobile home remodel, turning her formerly predictable manufactured home decor into a showplace. 

Mobile Home Remodel Ideas (Shannon O- Junkflirt)

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Colorful Country

Paint is the magic transformer, no matter what room you’re making over and this fabulous, colorful kitchen is the perfect example. The room was covered in the same wood paneling as the rest of Shannon’s mobile home, you could barely differentiate the cabinets from the walls when she moved in. Then a coat of paint changed everything, the room looks completely different, updated, warm and full of character. She didn’t swap out the cabinet pulls or the appliances but set against the new color scheme, they look brand new. You’d never guess it was the same place. Rustic tin tiles in contrasting hues border the ceiling, checked window treatment, and a chalkboard wall finish off this vibrant country charmer.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel (Shannon O- Junkflirt)

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Modern Farmhouse

Vacant and overgrown for twenty years, this mobile home received a dramatic renovation. Located on an actual farm, the owners decided to give their kitchen a modern country feel and do it all themselves, on a budget. They painted the cabinets and replaced the linoleum floor with brand new tile for under $300. Reclaimed fence boards became a pantry barn door and industrial lighting hangs in the center of the room. However, the biggest change in the space is their renovated island. They added sliding drawers to the cabinets below for convenience and topped it with a new larger countertop, made from darkly stained butcher block, making it a functional gathering place where they ate all their meals. In turn, the former dining area was decorated with comfortable chairs where family members could sit in front of their beautiful bay windows and enjoy the view of green grass and baby goats. Now that’s a farmhouse.  

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel ideas (Michelle)

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Retro Country

Oh, the charm! With a skirted sink, hardwood flooring, pots hanging from the ceiling and open shelving, you’d think this kitchen was part of an older home, but nope. This room started out as a builder trimmed basic in a double-wide mobile home. However, custom curtains, paint and a strong desire to for a farmhouse kitchen are what was needed to take this room back in time. With the addition of a few colorful accent pieces, the space takes on a retro feel, as well. You’d never guess that it started its life as a traditional room with vinyl flooring and standard wood cabinets. Truly amazing. 

How to Remodel a Mobile Home (Teresa F)

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Contemporary Styled Makeovers

Is modern design more your style? Well, then, check out these chic mobile home makeovers on a budget. Clean and simple styling at its best.

European Flair

Hometalker Victoria Allison’s new home had been neglected for a long time and was in need of a total overhaul. She started in the kitchen, ripping out and rebuilding new cabinets and laying down a new engineered wood floor. The dark finishes, white countertops, and European hardware are sleek and contemporary. They give the room a decidedly upscale appearance, and yet, since they were both DIY jobs and done with inexpensive and reclaimed materials, the kitchen came together for a very affordable price. 

Mobile Home Remodel Before and After (Victoria Allison)

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Traditional Elegance

This cookie cutter mobile home kitchen was remodeled in style by a DIYer with a traditional vision. This room is all about the details. To transform her stock cabinets, she added decorative molding, painted them white and accented them with decorative pulls. In addition, she replaced some of the top cabinet panels with glass making to room look as if it were designed in an upscale showroom. Stainless steel appliances, a new tile backsplash, and pendant lighting top it all off. The result is a high-end kitchen suitable for a seasoned chef. 

(Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier)

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Mid Century Inspired

Hometalker Dianna Wood had a different plan in mind for her 1964 mobile home kitchen. Rather than rip it out and replace it, she wanted to retain its retro charm. The only thing she didn’t love, was the old stained light fixtures. They had to go. Of course, like most DIY projects, the process didn’t come without its share of struggles. The old fixtures were mounted to a recently refinished ceiling. Removing them would expose plywood and finding a fixture to cover the space proved difficult, plus the ceiling in their single-wide mobile home was on the low side. Finding a fixture that would cover the exposed wood and be high enough to walk under was not easy. The solution came to her when she discovered ceiling medallions and these gorgeous stained glass hanging lights. They fit the home’s time period and tie in with the modern design elements of the kitchen, as well. How’s that for the best of both worlds? 

DIY Mobile Home Remodel (Dianna Wood)

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Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel

Mobile home bathrooms don’t have to be boring, boxes either. With the right accessories, you can load them with character and custom touches and increase your mobile home’s value at the same time.

Country Style Makeovers

Don’t stop in the kitchen, wrap the whole house in country style, including the bathroom. Check out these down-home ideas.

Modern Country

The modern country design has become extremely popular in recent years and this mobile home bathroom is a great example of how to make it work. Completed in five days by a creative DIYer and on a tight budget, this space is a standout. It’s a dramatic change from the existing bathroom that was covered in apricot paint and old formica. Self-stick adhesive glass tiles were added to the countertop and all the paint was stripped away to reveal a chrome molding strip hiding underneath, the perfect accent to frame the elegant backsplash. The word “WASHED”, boxed out by black, was applied directly to the painted paneled walls and warms the room up with the look of an old wooden sign. By taking advantage of the character of the walls, no actual signboard was needed, which saves space in this tiny layout, and adds a dramatic focal point at the same time. 

Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel (Dianna Wood)

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Upcycled Country Style

Sometimes a major remodel isn’t needed to bring a little country style into a builder grade bathroom, all you need is a bit of junk. After she finished her kitchen remodel, DIY enthusiast Shannon O-Junkflirt turned her attention to her mobile home bathroom. She furnished it from top to bottom, with repurposed items, creating storage from old crates and baskets. By removing traditional mirrored medicine chests and shelves, she created space for unique pieces to house her necessities, like a horse rigging that holds towels. It’s not something you’d expect to see in a bathroom, but it certainly adds interest.

Remodeling Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas (Shannon O- Junkflirt)

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Contemporary Styled Makeovers

Art deco, mid-century modern or traditional, your mobile home bathroom can be anything you choose with the right finishes and fixtures.

Deco Influenced Glam

Sometimes you only have to update one thing to set the style of a room and in this space, it’s clear that art deco-inspired crystal chandelier. While this bathroom did receive a total makeover, it’s the glamorous light fixture that serves as a very strong focal point. Many people choose light fixtures last when they renovate, but they can often set the tone for the room, especially in modern decor. So when you sit down and contemplate how to remodel your mobile home, don’t forget to look up. 

Mobile Home Remodel Bathroom (Cat Shaw)

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Clean And Classic Design

If traditional decor is your thing, why not hit up your local big box hardware store? Many mobile home bathrooms can accommodate standard sized fixtures and let’s face it, if you can get your supplies straight off the shelf, you can save yourself a ton of cash. They offer many different options from the peel and stick to traditional wall tiles and appropriate floor choices, as well. They even carry higher end looking faucets and sinks, like this trendy green bowl. Even better, most of the items available can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. 

DIY Mobile Home Bathroom Remodeling (Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier)

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Elegant Touches

This bathroom started out the way most do in manufactured homes with an acrylic tub surround, but now it resembles a modern spa. Since their mobile home bathroom was in need of a total gut, these DIYers took advantage and put it back together with elegant style. They used large, white tiles, found on Craigslist, to cover the walls in the shower area and refinished the tub with crisp white epoxy paint. They incorporated original decorating details where they could, like the chrome strips lining the tub and built-in shower shelf, and complimented them by adding horizontal wood look tiles. The room now rivals those at high-end city hotels and is a far cry from where this renovation started.

How to Remodel Mobile Home Bathroom (Victoria Allison)

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Each of these Hometalkers turned their cookie cutter mobile home kitchens and bathrooms into unique spaces, filled with character and unexpected touches. With a bit of imagination and a few DIY skills, your own mobile home can be your dream home, too.

Do you live in a remodeled mobile or manufactured home? We’d love to hear all about it. share your project with our community, by posting it on Hometalk!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kim | Exquisitely Unremarkable

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