How to Install Fully Frameless Glass Fence

This is a detail installation process for fully frameless glass pool fencing.
1. To start your fully frameless glass fence installation, you need to prepare your deck subfloor with a hidden channel.
For maximum support, the channel should contain a beam at both sides, and at the bottom – we recommend using 45mm width beams:
a. Width of channel to house glass and grout: 82mm
b. Depth of channel: 80mm
2. Measure the total length of the channel housing. This will tell you the number of channel links you require, and if there are any cuts to be made as the standard length of a metal channel is 3 metres
3. Start at one end of your prepared beams, and lay the metal channel down end to end. Use a block of timber to hammer the channel down so it is firmly in place and sitting at the bottom of the housing
4. Continue to lay down your channels, ensuring that each length butts up against the other – use a block of timber and a hammer to create a tight finish. If there is any shortfall:
a. Measure the length required, mark this on the remaining channel length and using an angle grinder or hacksaw make a square and even cut. Install this length like the previous channels
5. To fix the channel in place:
a. Take an 8mm steel drill bit and drill holes along the length of the prepared fence-line into the channel’s side and bottom fixings at a maximum 500mm apart
b. Clear out metal shavings within the channel using a brush or rag
c. Using 50mm galvanised bugle head screws, insert the screws and ensure each gets a solid fixing
6. To prepare the channel for grouting, use silicone to seal all butt-joints and any gaps you have in the channel
7. Cut your rubber blocks into halves and place them at right-angles to the long edge in the channel 1100mm apart
8. Next, you need to create some timber down-braces for the glass. Cut a 12mm groove in the down-brace at a 45 degree angle - the groove will hold and support the glass upright while the grout dries
9. To install your first pane of glass, with you and a helper wearing Highgrove gripping gloves, pick up a sheet of glass and carefully walk it over to the channel
a. Lower the glass onto the rubber blocks, being careful not to chip the corners
b. Use a measuring tape to ensure the glass is sitting in the centre of the channel and the top of the glass is no less than 1200mm at deck height
c. Grab a spirit level, and check to make sure the glass is sitting evenly
d. With one person holding the glass in place, the second person should place the down-brace over the glass, making sure the brace is firmly gripping the glass
e. Before fixing the brace, use a spirit level to check the glass is sitting squarely in the channel – then fix off the brace
10. Create your join-braces, screw together two blocks of timber with a 75mm screw, then by hand, gently twist the blocks slightly open
11. To install your next pane of glass, gently place this sheet in the channel on the blocks at a distance of no more than 100mm from the first – we recommend using a 50mm gap between sections
a. Use measuring tape and a spirit level to check you maintain the same gap at the top and bottom of the panes
b. If a panel needs some adjustment, get one person to tilt the glass back and to the side (to prevent smashing into the neighbouring panel), remove the rubber block beneath then add or subtract from the rubber block to accommodate the difference
12. Place your join-brace over the two pieces – so the screw sits in the gap – and twist one block clockwise to tighten its grip on both panes
13. Repeat this installation along the distance of the fence, making sure to have a down-brace on every second panel
a. Make sure to check that each panel is sitting in alignment with its neighbours
14. Tightly pack newspaper at either end of your new fence on both sides of the glass, this will prevent the grout from pouring out later
15. Use a drill mixer and pour one-part water and three parts grout into a bucket and mix thoroughly until you get a milkshake-like consistency
a. Grout will dry very quickly in hot weather, so make sure you are ready to pour immediately after mixing
16. At regular intervals along the fence, gently pour the grout into the channel – allowing it to spread evenly on both sides of the glass
a. Continue to add grout until the channel is full to the top
17. Once pouring is complete, clean the excess grout off the glass using water and a Highgrove silicone spatula – make sure to get all the excess grout off the glass before it dries
18. Allow the grout to dry for 48 hours before removing the braces – by this time, your grout should be fully set and your fence completely stable

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