Glass Kitchen Back Splash

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5 Days
We have a large kitchen with a Butler pantry & drop zone, that all needed a little color to finish the counters and room.
Kitchen before
First my husband needed to removed the granite back splash.

This photo shows the drop zone before my husband removed the back splash. The next photo shows the tools he used.

Drop zone with side & back splash
This photo shows the drop zone before my husband removed the back splash. The next photo shows the tools he used.
Tool used to remove granite backsplash
My husband used this crowbar to removed the side and back granite back splash.
Tools you may need
My husband used this tool too remove the caulk and adhesive used to install the granite back splash.
Once the back splash was removed, a razor was used to removed the clear caulk which held the back splash in place.
Once the back splash was removed, a razor was used to removed the clear caulk which held the back splash in place.
Here drop zone almost done
Here is the drop zone done except for grouting and caulking.
The main kitchen in progress
Here you see the back splash half way up the wall. My husband and another guy removed the tall stainless steel hood cover for the fan unit.
Save the hard cuts till latter. Because you may end up with a piece which will fill the spot. The tile had a repeat pattern so we used maybe the first 4 rows of tile to keep the pattern correct. Therefore we had a lot of waste. I will talk more about this later.
Here you can see the two different patterns laid out as to where they will be placed.
Here the kitchen is done!
Here a full picture with the island of the kitchen once it was done. When it came to the corner edges, we cut a straight line. Then removed the tiles which were cut. Some tiles were not cut due to the different lengths of the tile pattern. We flipped the cut tiles so the finished ends were on the corner edges. This gave a nicer finished edge. A day to grout all the 4 walls. Using the rubber float the grout is installed. Be sure to go in different directions to help force the grout into the tiny opening between the glass tiles. Mix non sanded grout till it is soupy. I used a grout additive instead of water to block stains. Don't let the grout dry too much, because it will become hard to remove. Remove by wiping with a large clean sponge. Keep cleaning the sponge with clean water. Then wipe to shine the tiles with a clean or damp rag. If you remove too much grout go back over it. No mater how careful you are, you may miss to grout a few tiles.

We used three saws. The wet saw did not work well even with the diamond blade. The cutting tray was not moving back and forth well, it seemed to get stuck and not move, the track was not working well. Our son had loaned it to another person, so who knows. be sure to keep the water level as high as possible. Also used a dremel saw and regular dremel. The dremel sand tool piece worked well to make rounded openings to fit around sockets. Use safety glasses. We had glass pieces everywhere in the 2+ car garage. You may need longer screws to pull the electrical outlets out before hand and use longer screws if you need to after you finish and replace the covers. Note if you are doing a tile job for the first time do not tackle glass.
Finished Bulter pantry
The Butlers pantry is where all our beverages are stored. The Wine refrigerate holds Ice tea, soda, beer and wine. The high cabinets above house, coffee cups, liqueur glasses and wine glasses. Also a 4 section wine bottle storage is in the center of the storage cabinets.
Free tiles
Remember I spoke about a lot of waste with the pattern?? Here is where I used my lose tiles. I made my own pattern and did around the laundry sink, I did not removed the granite back splash here, because I did not intent to remove the peg board which stores my wrapping paper, and sewing thread. We have a full freezer, and three upper cabinets that house wrapping supply's with a couple of, drawers and pull out drawers on the lower cabinets. Cleaning supply are under the sink. Across from these cabinets storage is on the wall and over the cabinets in wrapped boxes for light bulbs.

Suggested materials:

  • 5 boxes of tiles or 75 sheets. I returned the ones we did'nt need.   (Lowes)
  • Tile adhesive, Rubber grout float, goggles, sponge, rags, notched trowel, bucket   (had)
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  • Carolyn Keating Otter Carolyn Keating Otter on May 16, 2018

    Did you have to prep painted wall somehow before doing this?

  • Kathy K. Williams Kathy K. Williams on Jun 18, 2018

    I like the idea...but, while many of my friends have this and very similar granite; I NEED IT TO MATCH MORE IN MY HOME.

    To me, it's stripes and splatter patterns that don't go together! Anyone else? I would love the backsplash to have all one color, doesn't matter to me on the size of times; the size would be good.

    Sorry...just my thoughts.

    Great work!😁🌻🌷


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  • Avrille Avrille on May 17, 2018

    I have a problem with the counter tops, far too busy

    The new backslash is pretty but doesn't match the counter tops. Together they clash and too busy

    • Jodi Jodi on May 17, 2018

      You are free to share your opinion. However as a certfied stager and designer I disagree. You do not see the other design elements of each room which blend the backsplash beautifully.

  • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Jun 17, 2018

    That looks so much like my granite counter tops. You did good.