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We are planning a large scale renovation for our attached garage and I couldn't help but think about the awful & bulky stark white freezer we have in that space.

We use it for our bulk frozen foods and meats and it's something we didn't want to let go of. But, I knew I needed to work some DIY magic on it to make it feel more like me.

It was empty and had been thawed before I started this project so it was easy to get it into my workshop.

it required a decent scrub down. I used TSP and a heavy duty degreaser. I also had to scrub down the door gaskets and the trays inside the freezer as there was a decent spill at some point.

Cleaning any surface before painting is key.

Once the fridge was clean & dry, I used a small sanding block at 120 grit to scuff sanding the entire surface of the freezer. I highly suggest always sanding your plastic, metal, etc before trying to paint it. It ensures better adhesion.

I simply did a quick pass with the sanding block and then used a cheese cloth to remove the dust.

Then it was time for painting. I chose not to prime and after multiple Home Depot trips, I couldn't find the actual appliance epoxy in black but upon further research, I learned the high heat paint adheres and works just the same as it is also an epoxy.

it had quite a strong odor, so I suggest painting in a area with good ventilation and wearing an mask.

for application, I am simply using a foam roller and a brush for any cutting in.

I did tape off the gaskets initially but then decided to simply paint them for a more finished look. They still work great despite that.

it required two coats. This paint is either re-coat within 2 hours or 24 hours. So I waited 24 hours and got my second coat on.

epoxy paint is very hard to clean off brushes, so I suggest possibly using a brush you don't love or won't miss for this project.

once the 2nd coat was dried, I got my supplies ready for stenciling. This part took a smidge of trial and error for me so I'm sharing what worked for me/this project.

for the paint, I am using the white appliance epoxy. I ordered a stencil off Amazon & I highly suggest reading reviews on your stencils. This is a 10x8 stencil and it is thicker / better quality which makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Before I committed, I tested out the various application methods ( roller, brush, dabber, etc)

I ended up loving the look the dabber gave. It was a more aged look and that was my goal.

I found center on my fridge and started my stencil centered at the top and worked out.

the painters tape was a great asset and i highly suggest to make stenciling easier.

I simply dabbed the paint lightly on the stencil using my dabber ( I bought them at Dollar tree).

I just stenciled my door but you could totally stencil the sides as well.

Once it was dry, I did a few coats of this rustoleum clear topcoat. I also did many many scratch tests once it cured and I AM IMPRESSED!

The last part of this project was adding a fun handle. I decided I wanted the wood/black contrast ... so I went with a 1/2 inch wooden dowel. I also ordered these ceiling curtain mounts from Amazon.

I sanded them lightly and spray painted them gold (last minute decision). Then, I attached them to the front of the fridge. I used small sheet metal screws and made sure they wouldn't penetrate too deep into the structure of the fridge door.

I cut my dowel rod to 36 inches as I wanted the handle to be big & bulky.

I completely adore how this project came out and it was not only budget friendly but something functional and doable.

if you'd like to see the full project, I have a link to my Instagram below & also linked my TikTok tutorial.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more DIY!


Tiktok tutorial:

Suggested materials:

  • High heat paint   (Home Depot)
  • Rustoleum Clear Coat   (Home Depot)
  • Stencil   (Amazon)
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  • Kathryn Kathryn on Sep 17, 2021

    I am inspired. This is creative, practical, and beautiful. One question, I have a plastic or vinyl covering. Can I paint over this? Or, should I scrape it off?

  • Leslie Leslie on Sep 18, 2021

    Hello Morgan, Thank you for sharing your project. It turned out wonderfully. I have a question about your freezer and if you have a cold winter climate. I have been wanting to get a freezer to put in my garage but everything I have read said to purchase one that can be used in a garage if the weather gets very cold. If you live in that type of climate how is your freezer standing up? Thank you for taking the time to answer.


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