How would you treat your refrigerator?

Today the choices for how well a refrigerator works is generous these days. Some chill wine inside 30 minutes, one even have a system originally developed by NASA that scrubs the air in your refrigerator of the gases that causes food to over-ripen and spoil too quick. This post lets table the incredible advancements in technology and take an overlook look at your options for how it LOOKS in your kitchen!
Which is your favorite?
All photos/designs by Becky Sue Becker, CMKBD, CAPS.
Before you decide, be sure to know all the costs and the specifications! See more examples:
Step up your game with a "counter depth" refrigerator. This style is the entry level to allow you to install matching wood fronts. Box of the refrigerator is 24" deep, but do take note that the door is thicker.
Built-in appliances are truly custom. This is Sub-Zero's "BI" series which stands for built-in. This series and application is an "overlay" which stands 84" tall and almost disappears. Other install methods are available!
Refrigerator? What refrigerator? Sub-Zero integrated series has an infinite amount of design possibilities to make your refrigerator REALLY disappear. See the additional link to see where the refrigerator resides..
Don't want to invest in a built-in? Construct and design your cabinetry to meet the depth of your free standing refrigerator -- giving the illusion its a built-in!
Loud and proud works when its balanced. This kitchen has an all stainless steel Pro appliance package by VIKING.

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  • Linda R Linda R on Jul 06, 2012
    A "Pot Filler" is a spigot that folds flat against the wall behind your stove. It dispenses only very hot water. If you have one of these installed, you can fill large pots (like for spaghetti) right on the stove top, with hot water without having to lift them from the sink to the stove. The ideal would be that you would use a pot that has an insert that is like a colandar, (like for pasta) that will lift out of the filled pot of hot water. That way, you never have to lift a pot of real hot water and move it from your sink to the stove or vice versa. Becky Sue, they really aren't all that expensive if you install it when you are building. It is the retrofit that is expensive.

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Jul 06, 2012
    Most everything is renovations these days.. that was the angle I was coming from too. Bringing over a water line to a faucet isnt always the easiest thing to do. Hot water? I have never heard of using that line for a pot filler. I know there is myths/debates on which boils faster, but from a cooking standpoint, starting potatoes or making broth from meat bones can drastically affect the outcome. Cold water is essential.. Another twist? Often times water that goes through your hot water tank will taste differently than cold water right from the well or city water lines. Sitting in a tank brewing.. changes it more ways than one. Whoops.. this shouldve been another post huh? Not much about refrigerator styles here! haha