Breathing New Life Into an Old Foot Stool My #30dayflip for March

Have you ever just seen a piece of furniture out at the curb and had a clear vision of what it could look like?? Well that's exactly what happened when I spied this foot stool. And I couldn't wait to get her home and get started. First I gave her a really good cleaning with a TSP mixture ( follow the directions on the label).
After a good cleaning she was looking good
After she was good and dry, I took out the screws that held the top to the base. I carried the base outside and gave it three light coats ( allowing it to dry for a few minutes between each coat) of paint. I used Rustoleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Satin finish, the color is Black. I didn't even use the whole can. And did you happen to notice the special spray handle that I used??!! Coolest invention ever!!! I never ever spray paint without it. I no longer have to worry about getting the spray paint off of my hands . While the base was drying I started taking the gazillion staples out that were holding the fabric to the seat.
Base and Rustoleum paint and handle
Removing a gazillion staples!!
Once that was finally done, I cut out a piece of foam and laid it onto my material. For the material I used a leftover piece of white vinyl. I knew that I wanted it to be tufted, so I got out my button making kit. After figuring where I would place them and how many I would use, I cut out the circles and pressed them into the buttons.
Button making supplies
In order to secure the buttons I needed to drill holes into the wood.
After the holes were all drilled I started threading the buttons through. It's helpful if you have another person at this point (which I didn't) It's not impossible to do by yourself, just a little awkward. Now I needed to press the button deep into the material with one hand while pulling the string ( I used a waxed thick string) on the underside with my other hand. Once I had the button as deep as I wanted, I pulled the string tight and held it while I brought my hand around to the bottom and secured it with a staple gun.
Once the buttons are done it's was time to staple down the material. I always start on the longer sides. I folded the material over the sides and onto the wood. I gave the material a little tug and stapled it down. I repeated this process until I was a couple of inches from the corners. I then stopped and went to the opposite side and did the same thing. Now when I was doing the short ends, I used hospital corners. So I tucked my edges in like I was wrapping a gift and then I folded the flap over the edges and stapled it down underneath.
Now I was ready to reattach it to the base.
It looked a little plain to me so being a total crafting DIY nut, I went into my stash (my husband calls it the bottomless pit, he just doesn't understand). I pulled out some leftover nail heads and added them which was exactly what it needed.

Debra Stoeckert Rapisardi
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Vicki Gillette Vicki Gillette on Apr 02, 2016
    What special spray handle did you use?
    • Vicki it's a handle made by Rustoleum that fits around the upper rim of a spray can. Not only do you not have to hold your finger on the trigger but your fingers don't get painted :)
  • Melinda Farringer Moore Melinda Farringer Moore on Apr 02, 2016
    What is the spray handle you use?
  • Peggy Peggy on Apr 02, 2016
    I also want to know what the special spray handle is (there's no photo of it), and where to get one. Thank you.
    • Hi Peggy For some reason the picture didn't make it into the post. I had to post it in comments. The handle is for use in a spray can. Mine was made by Rustoleum and I had purchased it at Home Depot.
    • Jane Joslin Jane Joslin on Apr 04, 2016
      I got mine at Walmart.
  • Marcia Strode Marcia Strode on Apr 02, 2016
    How do you hammer in domed nail heads without crushing the dome? Always wondered about that & shied away from any thought of using them because of it.
    • Marcia it's very easy. They're basically fancy thumb tacks. Push them in as much as you can and then lightly tap them with a hammer. :)
    • The Design Bungalow The Design Bungalow on Apr 02, 2016
      You get an upholstery tack hammer with a nylon head on one side and metal on the other. They work really well and will not damage the tack.
    • Marcia Strode Marcia Strode on Apr 02, 2016
      I'm making a note to myself never to try this on oak. Don't know if modern oak is as dense, but my 100+ y/o oak door was impossible to nail on, darned near burned out the motor on my drill trying to drill pilot holes just to get curtain rods up.
    • Wow thanks Design Bungalow I had no idea that they made a special hammer for nail heads, good to know. @MarciaStrode there are some woods that are just not soft enough to use nail heads on. However if you really want the look you can always break the needle off and glue the head on. I know it sounds like a lot of work but sometimes it's worth it ;)
    • Shannon W Shannon W on Apr 04, 2016
      Design Bungalow- I just looked up the upholstery hammers and they are pricey. Would a felt pad on the end of a hammer work as well do you think? Lots of us aren't ready to invest in a special tool although it looks like a fun one to add to the tool collection :)
    • Honestly I don't see why you can't use a rubber mallet (which come in different sizes at your local hardware store) and just glue a piece of felt to it ;). Oops, did I just put those upholstery hammer people out of business ??!! ;)
    • Might I add that you can buy a set of 3 rubber mallets with 3 different sizes for less than $11. If I had a couple of more minutes I bet that I could find them cheaper too.
    • Libby Jones Libby Jones on Apr 04, 2016
      I just picked up a rubber mallet at the dollar tree...for you guessed it! A dollar!
    • @LibbyJones that's awesomeness!!!! Hey heading your way in a couple of days. Any recommendations for good eats??? Meeting my brother (whom I haven't seen in 40 years) at Silos but I'm sure we'll get hungry 😉
    • Barbara Barbara on Apr 04, 2016
      They have food vendors at the Silos
    • That's great to know thank you @BarbaraBuckeye . Hopefully it'll be a gorgeous day ;)
    • Libby Jones Libby Jones on Apr 05, 2016
      Oh gosh! There are sooo many great places to eat in Waco! World Cup Cafe is my fave and it supports a great cause...Mission Waco AND it has an amazing gift shop attached. There is Health Camp if you want a great burger and onion rings or Sironia if you want a classier, more tearoom feel. What the other two do may not provide in "purdiness" they definitely make up for in price. All three are old time Waco at it's best but we also have most of the big chain places, Red Lobster and Paneras. It sounds like it will be an exciting trip! Hope the food is great and the reunion even better! Let me know if you want any other hints. I haven't been to the silos, so I am unable to comment on them about any personal experiences. Safe travels!
    • @LibbyJones thank you so much. Sounds like such a great town I may not want to leave lol


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