Brighten Up Your Kitchen Island the Easy Peasy Way!

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Painting your Kitchen Cabinets without professional equipment is really Easy Peasy with Dixie Belle Paint!! Has re-doing your kitchen been on your to-do list for a while? This DIY hand painted Island changed the entire look of this kitchen, with just a few supply's, and 2 hours of time. The best part is, this DIY wont break your budget it cost under $60.00! Dixie Belle Paint was formulated with high quality ingredients while taking out the need for sanding, priming, or waxing! "I used Dixie Belle Paint in Limeade with Van Dyke Brown Glaze... painted to match her handmade tiles." By: Pam Haskins
First things first gather your supply's! We know that the hardest part of the whole project is picking the color you want to use! Dixie Belle Paint offers 60 Amazing colors, it really is hard to pick just one. The products used on this Islands: Dixie Belle White Lightning, Dixie Belle Paint in the color Limeade, Van Dyke Brown Glaze for accenting, and Gator Hide our strongest top coat for durable water-repellent protection!!
Once you gather your supply's, you can start the prepping process. One amazing benefit for choosing Dixie Belle Paint as your go-to paint, is that Dixie Belle Paint will adhere to surfaces without sanding or priming! Isn't that awesome? Therefore the only prep that you will need to do is a thorough cleaning. We recommend using Dixie Belle White Lightning a granulated solution, dissolve 2 heaping teaspoons per one gallon. Use gloves while cleaning with a rag, or alternatively you can pour cleaner into a spray bottle an directly spray your piece to de-grease, and de-grime! Rinse your rag with warm water and wipe down, do not let puddles sit! Ta-Da your piece is now clean of dirt, dust, grease, and grime! White Lightning Priced at $4.95.
After your piece is completely dry after cleaning, grab your brush and jar of paint! This Island was painted with one 8 oz. jar of Dixie Belle Paint in the color Limeade, and brushed with a 2" Chip Brush! There really is no right or wrong way to paint, everyone approaches the paint brush a different way. The best advice is to take a deep breath, pick up your brush, and just start! Once you start, you will be looking for more things to paint in your home! You can choose to paint one or two layers of paint depending on the look you want, but one coat gives exceptional coverage! Dixie Belle Paint dries in about 15 minutes, but takes about 21-30 days fully cure, so be careful for the first month. 8 oz Jar of Limeade Priced at $9.95, Chip Brush Priced at $1.50.
Pam Haskins chose to accent this island with Dixie Belle Glaze in the color Van Dyke Brown! Glazes add depth and dimension to a flat piece. If you are working with a piece with a lot of nooks, crannies or carvings work the glaze into them making the details pop! You can work with a brush, or rag... or both! Dixie Belle Glazes are very forgivable, and easy to manipulate if you would like less glaze, simply wipe off with a damp rag or paper towel! Dry time for the glazes is 15 minutes as well. Van Dyke Glaze Priced at $11.95.
Now you are ready for a Top Coat! We suggest using Gator Hide our most durable top coat. It is water repellent which makes it perfect for kitchen cabinets, counter tops, bathrooms, and floors. Simply brush on a thin layer of Gator Hide, let dry, after 2 hours re-apply, repeat this up to 3 thin layer to get the water repellent finish. We like to use a dry blue sponge to apply Gator Hide. A 48-hour dry time is recommended, but once again allow 21-30 days to full cure. Gator Hide Priced at $24.95, Blue sponge Priced at $3.00.

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  • Dixie Belle Paint in Limeade   (
  • Van Dyke Brown Glaze   (
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