China Cabinet Update

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4 Hours

I had a china cabinet that had been passed down for a few generations, the finish was dinged up in spots and the handles were broken and one missing.

Clean it up

Use a dust rag to go over wood and glass and remove any buildup or dust that may have accumulated.

Remove Hardware

Remove the knobs, handles and hinges using a Phillips screwdriver and set them aside.

Remove back

I chose to remove the back of the cabinet both because the shelves would not come out otherwise and it would be easier to paint the inside. I pried the stapled back off the cabinet carefully removing the staples and set it aside. Then I removed the shelves.

Paint Inside of cabinet

I began by painting the inside of the cabinet. I used both a foam roller and a paint brush to get a good coat on all of it.

Paint shelves, back and reinstall

I painted the shelves and back and used a staple gun to install the back. I used the original brackets inside to hold shelves.

Paint drawers and doors

Next I painted the doors, drawers and the outside of the cabinet. I let it dry completely, then applied a second coat for even coverage. I used a brush where there were any visible lines from the roller.

I’m happy with the change and impressed with how well the resin paint went on smoothly. Good product, will use it again.

Suggested materials:

  • Https://   (Flea market)
  • Paint brush   (Menards)
  • Foam paint roller   (Menards)
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