Dining Chair Makeover (Take 2)

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A couple years ago I purchased a second hand dining set. Out of haste I settled for something I far from loved. A year ago I painted the table and chairs white from their original awful green. Well, I have 2 kids and white was a really bad choice. Like, really bad.

After another project left me with a can of black paint, this was the chance I needed to change the dining set to something that wouldn't showcase crayons, fingerprints and jelly.

But I couldn't just stop at painting! Nope. These dining chairs needed a 'lil extra attention with their dated features. So with my scroll saw, sandpaper and paint I completely changed these chairs.

Here's how!

The original chair never actually got a second coat of white paint from the first 'makeover', and the green was peaking through. The chairs also had that heart shape and I wanted something simpler & less traditional.

I started by measuring a 2 inch length across the back bars of the backrest on the chair. This was my guideline for cutting!

Using a scroll saw, I cut as straight across the guideline I penciled out as possible. Some of my lines were a tad wobbly but that just adds charm, amiright?!

Each chair has 4 bars across the back so I repeated the cutting process until each one was cut. Bye bye heart shape thingy!

After reshaping the back pieces by cutting with the saw, I sanded them down for a smooth and clesner appearance. I also needed to sand the entire chair to prep for the painting process.

I made sure the dust was removed from the chair and also unscrewed the seat to paint. As I painted I left the bottom portion of the chair legs left untouched. (At a later date I plan to sand them down to raw wood for a two toned effect.)

After the paint dried I replaced the seat and my chair makeover was finished! The mid century modern look fits my home space way better and I am a personal fan of simple. This makeover was really time consuming but totally worth it!

Suggested materials:

  • Black Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sander
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  • William William on Dec 04, 2020

    They do look better now. But I love mid century modern. You did an amazing job. Great share

  • Gretchen Garza Gretchen Garza on Dec 06, 2020

    Nice job on your transformation! 👍🏻Picturing the legs and feet natural (vs. white) will be a really unique finish. Can’t wait- please share! 😁

    • Lydia Lydia on Dec 06, 2020

      Thank you Gretchen! I will definitely update this post after I finish the details :)