DIY Painted Counter Tops

2 Weeks
I have this little house I use as my shop. But it was old, not taken care of so I have slowly been redoing things as time allows. I Started off refinishing my Bathroom counter top, then the kitchen ones. This one is for the kitchen.
Finished counters
Finished breakfast bar....
Ugly green counter tops
Started with Green counters..
Hated them
Sanded & Primered counter tops
I forgot to take a photo of the primered counter tops so this is from the bathroom since I did the same thing there.
Used Bulls eye 1-2-3 primer.
I lightly sanded the counters after taping everything off. then applied 1 coat of primer. let it dry, for 30 min.
wrong color
First colors... Not feeling it. So bring out the sander and start over.
I also redid the cabinets and walls i'll put up in different posts, so make sure you follow me so you can the transformation. Had to much of a rust color.
Finished counter tops
Finished counter tops.
I used acrylic paint that I purchased from Walmart. (it can be found at any craft store). I used the colors Of Umber, Melted chocolate, vintage white, black with glitter in it, and pearl white. The pearl and black were gloss the rest flat colors. You will need to put on your base coat which I started with the vintage white, then used a combination of using a sea sponge and crinkled paper towels. After the first coat dried I added the melted chocolate. I actually used alot of it then went back and added more vintage white. Then I added the black. Take it from me use it sparely. If you add to much it makes it look like the counter has shadows all the time. I then added the umber, just a little bit of it. Then the pearl white. After it dried i added just a very little bit of gold glitter to it to get a little more sparkle out of it. I then let it sit 2 days before sealing with a waterproof sealer. This past Oct. 2015 is 2 yrs they have been finished. And they still look as good as the day I did them and I do projects all the time on them. But I do put down cardboard first before making anything on top of them. I stated it took 2 weeks but I let the clear coat sit an additional 2 weeks before using the counter tops.
Finished counter tops
Finished counter tops
Close up of colors I used.
Close up of colors I used.
My cost was around $125, it can be higher or lower depending on the size of your kitchen. It took on average 3-10 bottles of each color to finish this project. 2 qts. of primer, and 3 qts of clear coat.

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  • Melinda Jacobs Melinda Jacobs on Jan 12, 2017
    If i have laminate counter tops should i take off the laminate or just sand and start painting? mel

  • Kim Kim on Apr 18, 2017
    Did you use water based primer or oil base? Thanks

  • Deb9723781 Deb9723781 on Mar 11, 2018

    You stated that you started with the vintage white. Was that painted onto the entire surface or dabbed on with the sea sponge and paper towel?

    Thank you!


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