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5 Hours

So one of my clients (who I do nails for) has seen some of my upcycling projects & her mother in law had given her this chair years ago & she asked me to upcycle it for her!!!

so I was very excited as this was only my second piece to do for someone else!!!

so here it is & how I did it!!icon


i gave it a wipe down!!

Using my drill - I unscrewed the cushion from the stool!

Using some wood filler I filled any holes or cracks!

Filled the holes with filler and allowed to dry

then I gave it a little sanding to smooth out the filler

Using my bin primer - this blocks out any dark colours that may seep through the light colour paint!!

(I learned this the hard way)

use an old brush for this as it ruins your brushes and rollers!!!

First stage of the priming

All primed!!

allow to dry before going in with your colour!!

I chose:

Fusion Mineral Paint in Damask for this project!!!

First coat of paint

Getting into all the nooks and crannies!!!

First coat done

i left a few hours in between the second coat!

Second coat complete!!

Fusion paint has a top coat in it - but for extra strength I added 2 coats of their top coat

Using a sponge I applied it!!!

it had a light sheen from it!!

Found this beautiful fabric that matches the paint perfectly!!!!

Before fabric!!!

Measure and cut fabric making sure you have enough on each side to fold over and cover the seat

Fold over

Using a stapler - secure all around the back of the seat!!!

pulling tight so it’s not loose on the front!!!

And just like that it’s done!!!

i screwed or back onto the chair

And here she is finished!!!

hope you guys like it!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion mineral paint and top coat
  • Fabric   (
  • Stapler

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  • Joyce Thiery Joyce Thiery on Jul 16, 2021

    No offence, but before looked drab. This new look gave it life. Looks much younger

  • Diane Diane on Jul 29, 2021

    You definitely improved on what was a kind of cool chair to start with. Now it's got a simple, clean, modern look. I hope your friend liked it as much as I do. ☺️