Freshen up a Kitchen With Paint

I would have taken a complete before picture but my very dear friend and client was so excited about painting her yellow cabinets that she started to take the doors off before I arrived. That's okay but then I had to match up the doors to the opening since these are 'custom' cabinets from many years ago.
My client has a budget and so I do things as she has money. I just happened to have the white paint and told her that I was going to make chalk paint because with all the layers of paint on these cabinets I could cheat a little. I explained to her what chalk paint was and that made her a bit nervous but she was willing to take a chance.
Now she is set in her ways and she has every right to be so I have to do her kitchen renovation with the orange tile floor she loves and the laminate counter top she feels is modern and fresh. Who am I to tell her different? So I work around my obstacles and so far this is what has emerged. Painting the cabinets white really brightens and freshens the kitchen up.
She wants a really showy backsplash but I say "if you are going to sell the house, do not do anything to the backsplash because they may want to personalize the kitchen their way". So far I am losing that battle but in any case, when she has the extra money, I hope to do a very beautiful tile backsplash that any new homeowner will love. She is in no hurry and I know that I will find just the right thing when the time comes.
What do you think?
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I had to work around clutter on the counter.
I repainted the backsplash white. The lighting is not the best in the kitchen but after I took everything off the counter and cleaned the kitchen looked so fresh
The fluorescent light makes the backsplash look green but it is white
I will have to paint behind the refrig at a later date. She had haphazardly painted the backsplash years ago and never could find something she liked. but she did not want me to paint it that day so i had to leave it.
Angle from the dining room in. This kitchen as 4 doors-back door, pantry/laundry room, family room, and dining room

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