From Kitchen Shelf to Children Desk

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20 Minutes

I'll just say it: the shelf above the fridge is pointless. Who can even reach up there unless you're 7ft tall?! After living in our new house for about 3 months I decided on a whim (like most things if we are being honest) to take this shelf off the wall. What would I do with it? I really didnt know at the time, but spontaneity spurs creativity. After dislodging the white cabinet from above its former home I came up with the idea to transform this into something that would actually be useful: a kids desk.

So here we go!


Here it is! The shelf in all its former glory. To upcycle this pretty lil number here are the materials I used:

·Screw in legs (4)


First I tipped the shelf on its side and turned the bottom to face me. Using one of the legs, I held it against the shelf to gauge placement and pressed to create a mark. I repeated this step for all remaining 3 legs.

Then I used my drill and created holes in the spots marked. Make sure to use a drill bit size slightly smallwr than the size of the screws in the legs. This will help keep them nice n tight rather than loose.

After drilling each hole, I screwed in the legs. I made these myself and had them from another project, but you can find a variety of legs for tables online!

This has been the perfect upcycle project for our playroom! It's a great height for the kids and keeps the mess concealed!

Suggested materials:

  • Table legs   (Online)
  • Drill   (Home Depot)

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  • Lois Lois on Aug 05, 2021


  • Teresa Teresa on Aug 12, 2021

    I thought I was the only one that felt the cabinet above the fridge was useless , that is so creative and now a very useful item. Thanks for sharing.