Garage remodel, wine closet

Converted small space under stairs into a wine closet. (Note the slanted ceiling.) Built the cabinet frame from 3/4 plywood and trimed it with hardwood. Had to allow for a return register on the right wall. So I made a register from radiator screen from big box store. Framed and painted it black and tied it into the wall duct. On top of register I made a storage area with door. I bought a granite scrap that I had cut to fit for a counter top. Then collected old wine crates that were going to be thrown away to make a back splash.
Wine closet.
Granite counter and backsplash.
New return register.

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  • Mia Mia on Mar 02, 2015
    Gotcha, So how does the back of the fridge get air? I was told it needs to vent behind, unless it is a front venting fridge. thanks

  • William William on Mar 02, 2015
    Mine has a vent at bottom. You could construct one on the side to vent the back out the front similar to what I did for the duct.