Which color hardware should I choose for my cabinets?

We are having our kitchen cabinets painted Alabaster. New quartz

counter tops will be white with pale grey veining. Our walls are Bennington Gray now but we might change the color later. Appliances will be stainless. I am stumped over what to choose for pulls and knobs. Brushed nickel, satin nickel, dark oiled bronze, or even the new “antique” brass. I want timeless and classic. Help!

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 15, 2018

    I have an antique brass finish on mine, recommended by the cabinet builder, and I am very thankful I did. You can still see the wear and skin oils difference on the frequent flyers like the silverware drawer but it's not so much that you would notice unless you look closely. My appliances are stainless and black and I've never even thought about a "clash". I think the antiquing finish having the flecks of black help with the blending.

  • Kit Kit on Dec 15, 2018

    Is there any chance your home will go on the market in the next five years? If not, buy a sample of each finish you like and see how it looks on one drawer or door and then make your decision and return the others . If however you plan to sell this home in the next couple of years check to see what is trending in your area first. I recently bought an older home and painted the kitchen cabinets and had new quartz counters installled and found that there was far less oil rubbed bronze hardware available than brushed or nickel finish at the local big box store when only a few years ago there was far more oil rubbed bronze.

    So in my area it has slipped in popularity which I think the brass hardware is trendy now but will not be in five years. But if you know you will be in your house for the long run spend your money on what you absolutely love and don’t worry about trends.

    once you try out about five sample knobs/handles you will see one that is perfect for your kitchen.

  • Pamela Pamela on Dec 15, 2018

    I would go with either the brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Leaning towards brushed nickel. But a few of each and see which you like better ! Then return the ones you didn't choose .

  • Janice G Campbell Janice G Campbell on Dec 15, 2018

    Thank you all for the quick responses. I never

    thought about bringing several home. That's a good idea. They start on my cabinets the first week of January. I'm excited but a bit nervous.

    We intend on living here for the long haul!