Repurposed Shutter Cabinet

Come find out how Cait from Little City Farmhouse turned an old china cabinet into this lovely vintage cabinet with Vanilla Frosting and Fresh Mustard!
Hello readers!

I’m popping in to share with you a cute little cabinet I refinished! This piece used to be the top hutch of a china cabinet, but has been repurposed into a front entry cabinet! I love a good repurposing project!

I started by giving this cabinet a few coats of Fresh Mustard on the inside. It adds a little extra interest to opening the cabinet and catching that pop of colour!
I painted the rest of the cabinet in Vanilla Frosting. I gave it two coats.
I sanded the cabinet lightly when it was dry, distressing it lightly, giving it a natural wear and age.
I gave the entire cabinet a light coat of clear wax to seal it, and it was done!
I love how a few simple coats of paint can completely change a piece! This cabinet was drab and dark and it’s so fresh and charming now!
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