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Do you have something covered in vinyl that could use a refresh? You might not realize that you can paint right over vinyl so today I’m making over a sewing stool with Fusion Mineral Paint! The best part? Hardly any prep necessary!

For all my tips and tricks on painting vinyl, watch the video near the end of this post or continue reading the tutorial below:


Here’s what we started with; a typical sewing stool with dark stain. Hubs went ahead and sanded the one on the right, while I was painting the top. Initially I was going to paint the base too, but changed my mind when I saw how good it looked in the end.

Paint and Tape Supplies

It’s my first time using Fusion Mineral Paint and I have no idea if taping over a fresh paint will end well.

As a precaution, I’m trying out the delicate surface frog tape shown (below right). The Fusion Mineral Paint colours I’m using are Prairie Sunset, for the base, along with Fort York Red and Algonquin.

For reasons you'll see as you read on, next time I’m painting vinyl fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint, I will use my regular Frogtape standby (above left)!

Clean Before Painting

The only prep, if you can even call it that, is to clean the surface of the vinyl to remove any dirt or grease. For that I just use soap and water, rinsing well.

Let the vinyl dry. Fusion will paint over vinyl, no problem! However, with the lighter colours, as with any other paint, you’ll need at least two coats.

Avoiding Brush Strokes

The best way to avoid brush strokes is to use a good brush (I’m using a Zibra). Brush the paint in one continuous motion end to end.

As you can see, after one coat, you can still see the brown peaking through. I wasn’t mindful to stroke end to end on this first coat, so the brush strokes are more noticeable.

I paint a second coat and let it dry overnight. The coverage is great after this coat. However, being more mindful to stroke end-to-end, I can still see the brush strokes. In order to minimize that, Fusion does sell an additive product ( Fusion Extender) that provides more open time on the paint to help.

Because only a little of this base colour will show in the end, I’m not too concerned with brush strokes at this point.

Painting Vinyl Fabric – Union Jack

After letting it dry overnight, I was nervous that the paint was still too fresh to tape. So as I mentioned, I’m using specially formulated Frogtape specifically for fresh paint.

As a guide, I made myself a printed template of the Union Jack and use that to lightly mark the horizontal and vertical lines with pencil. Be mindful to mark more toward the sections that will get covered with darker paint (so you don’t have to erase markings on the lighter colour base coat).

After taping, gently lift the tape in the middle and make a cut with curved scissor as shown. Be careful not to drag the scissors along the painted vinyl: lift the tape, then snip. Then fold back toward the centre and completely cut away the middle section so you have a perfect clearing through the cross. You'll see exactly what I mean when you watch the video  .

After the middle is cut away, lay down the diagonal lines.

Once again, cut away everything the infringes on the middle of the cross. Sorry about the lack of contrast below, but the Frogtape just happens to be a similar colour as the base!

How NOT to Thicken the Diagonal Lines

I forgot to double check the extra tape placement on my Union Jack template before painting! Ooops; my bad.

So, I actually did ok initially but messed up on the second set of diagonal lines. As you can see, the extra tape on the lower right and upper left quadrants is correct. In the remaining quadrants, the tape should go between the black dotted lines. Anyhooo, when thickening the lines with the extra tape, mark 1/2″ first with a ruler and pencil. Then tape (on the correct side of the tape) so there is some overlap.

Maybe this is what the song ‘Hit the Road Jack’ is really all about. A DIY Union Jack gone awry? In any case, my Jack hit the road and didn’t come back no more.

On my template, it’s easier to see how the lines should actually be laid out thicker on opposing quadrants. Luckily this is only a practice run, so live and learn!

Tips for Paining Vinyl Fabric

No matter what tape you use, be sure to burnish along all edges to prevent paint bleed. As it turns out, the delicate surface Frogtape does not stick overly well to Fusion Mineral Paint – especially on the curves. Despite the challenges, I went ahead with it out of curiosity and the PaintBlock technology did not disappoint!

As an extra precaution, I painted from the centre of the tape inward on the first coat (see the video), hoping to seal the edges for the second coat. This strategy worked well to minimize the bleed. However, I would definitely recommend letting the base coat dry for a full day. Then use the Multi-Surface Frogtape instead.

Paint the sections in the colours you desire. On colours such as yellow and red, you’ll need at least two coats of paint. I actually went with two coats for all colours. However, on the second coat, I switched over to a foam brush just to compare and was happy with the finish.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice the wrong tape placement until AFTER I painted. But my flub is to your benefit of what not to do if you're going for a Union Jack – and you still get the idea.

The Verdict on the Tape

Just for fun, I substituted one piece of delicate surface Frogtape for a regular piece of painter’s tape (not Frogtape) so I can show you the difference.

Before removing the tape, I was expecting the worst.

But there’s only a small blob of paint bleed on the delicate surface Frogtape (circled below)! That’s easy enough to touch up with a fine paint brush if you wish.

However, the regular green painter’s tape I put on just for fun did not have the crisp, clean lines I want! It has jagged edge paint bleed all the way along. In comparison, look how smooth the other Frogtape edges are!

Our advice? As I mentioned, wait at least 24 hours (don’t be rushed like me) and use multi-surface Frogtape. If you do, you’ll get a flawless finish on your stripe work.

Watch the Video

Before we get to the final reveal, watch the video below for all my tips and tricks:

Painting Vinyl Fabric Reveal

We showed you how to paint vinyl previously (link on our blog below where you see our logo). However, that flexible coating was noxious to use! Fusion Mineral Paint is just as flexible on vinyl and guest what? There’s absolutely no VOCs! I’m like the canary in the coal mine, and breathing easy is paramount, so I can’t recommend this product highly enough (this isn’t a sponsored post, so you can trust me on that)!

You know what else is great about Fusion Mineral paint for paining vinyl fabric? As well as the great colour choices, it can be sprayed for a flawless finish. Not a brush stroke in sight. That’s what we’ll be showing you next time we paint vinyl fabric. You'll see a sneak peak of that on the video.

Although I missed the mark on the Union Jack, and the multi-surface Frogtape would be a better choice on top of Fusion Mineral Paint, the end result is still quite striking. Not too bad for a paint I've never used before!

What I didn't miss the mark on is our new fundraising initiative. We're donating 100% from patterns sales to Alzheimer's! So if you're into fibre crafts, check out our pattern shop and purchase a pattern to donate to the cause. It's a win-win!

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  • Mary Mary on May 08, 2021

    I have the same identical Singer sewing machine stool and the actual Singer sewing machine that went with it. My mom bought the 'used' set around 1958, and I still have it. I just recently used it to make some curtains for my dining room. If any one needs "rubber belts" for Singer sewing machines, I found them at of all places, a vacuum sales dealership in Duluth, MN for $5 each. Since no one in our family has any daughters to pass the sewing machine onto, I'm not sure what to do with it when I move in a few years. This sewing machine came with about 15 different attachments, like button holer's, zig zag, and so many others that I have no idea of what they are used for, as my mom didn't get the manual with the machine. I thought the top was leather, not vinyl. Was there vinyl in the 1950's?

  • Dl.5660408 Dl.5660408 on May 09, 2021

    What an awesome paint job🙀. I was wondering, is there a difference between mineral paint and chalk paint? And is there something special used to seal the paint, or is it even necessary?

  • Linda Linda on Oct 24, 2021

    Will fusion mineral paint work on leather?


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  • Johanne Palange Johanne Palange on Oct 24, 2021

    You did a great job, looks flawless, You couldn't guess it was a DIY. I too have the exact same seat. I might stencil something on it now that I see what it can look like. By the way, for the person who has the old Singer, you can find instruction manuals on the internet. I have done so.

  • Doreen Doreen on Oct 24, 2021

    The top of. My sewing chair was split and cracking to much to paint.(I tried). So I did an iron on photo and recover on it. I think it’s cute.