Skirted Stool Made From Old Mechanics Stool

I needed a stool for my cake decorating area. Being the thrifty (OK, cheap!) person that I am, I found this stool sitting in the garage. Using the stool, a dishtowel, and an old tablecloth I had, this project was completely FREE!
Cake decorating stool
My hubby generously gave me this stool. I fell in love with the shelf that would give me extra storage, but hated it for the sheer ugliness.
I bought this table cloth without looking at the measurements, and it was too small for my table. I had it in a drawer for 4 years!
So, so dirty! All up cycling seems to be 10% ideas, 30% labor and 60% cleaning.
First attempt. I liked it, but the tighter fit made it hard to get to the storage.The cover on the seat is a kitchen towel that came in a pack of 10 for $5. the rest of the pack became curtains for the room.
The trim is a old stained crocheted runner I got from my grandmother. I love using things people give me.
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  • Lilflpeapicker Lilflpeapicker on Jan 16, 2014
    So cute!

  • Sarah Carroll Sarah Carroll on Feb 14, 2014
    Clever even though it is not my taste. , I love the table cloth used to make a skirt and gives you the ability to store things underneath, the crochet runner is a little too much, yet admire the fact you put something of sentimental value to good use, Thanks for sharing. I am cheap too and "free" is great!