Restore Rescue Kitchen Island

2 Weeks
This has been the most expensive project we've ever done. We made an island out of 2 cabinets purchased from our local Restore store. I have been dreaming of finding cabinets like this and voila! by the second visit to the store, I found these cabinets. The price was a bit steep for our budget: $45 each, ouch! But they were really really well made and rock solid. Below was how I found them.
So I figure since gray and metalics are in, I thought I would jump on band wagon.
My dining room has been turned into a work shop. All the old hardware has been taken off and the holes were stuffed with "fix it stick" for new hardware. "Fix it stick" is all purpose bonding putty and you can find them in the plumbing isle. It does not shrink once it dries and you can stain, paint, and drill on it.
I bought this from Lowe's on special order. They were about $6.50 a piece...more or less.
The paint was Mark Twain Gray Brick from Lowe's. I just bought a Valspar's sample tub in satin finish and gave 3 coats of Polycrylic in clear gloss finish. I know It's not perfect. Later, I found out that it was because my Polycrylic was rather old and I had to add a bit of water.
It is now moved to the kitchen and my husband joined them together. Yes, the back needs some make over.
Our counter top came! It's a marble Calcutta laminate counter top from Lowe's and we used their 10% off over $250 or more purchase coupon. We decided to splurge on this by using some of our tax return.
I had a bead board cut to size. I forgot to take pictures, but we added 4 studs in the back with screws, and then used liquid nail and panel nails to add the back board. My friend who is a contractor came and installed the top for us. We owe him a nice dinner at his favorite restaurant.
We bought 4 counter top height STIG chairs from IKEA. They were $16.99 each and had them delivered for an additional shipping cost of $19.00 and we love them!
We are very pleased with the result. We now have so much storage space with all those drawers! I am rating this as "moderate" only because of the counter top installation. The rest was very easy.
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  • Mary Mary on Jan 09, 2017
    I am looking at plans for kitchen island's and had thought about buying 2 kitchen cabinets from Home Depot, screw them together, and then put on wheels. Do you think I would have to put a board across the bottom first, before putting on wheels? I love how you built yours... wish I had room to make the top longer on one end, to use as a desk, but the area I will be putting the island at is only 40 inches wide.

  • Mary Mary on Jan 10, 2017
    What is involved with putting on the counter top, besides measurements? I've seen where people put down a strip of wood on the two sides before laying the top down, but I can't figure out why they did that. My brain says if you do that, then the counter top will have a visible space people can see. I am getting new counter tops for what little counters I have, and I would like to order a matching counter top for the kitchen island. Any suggestions regarding counter tops would be very helpful. Thank you!

  • Patricia Patricia on Jul 12, 2018

    So studs on back do you remember how thick they were? Did you put it certain place of back?

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  • Laura Clement Laura Clement on Jan 12, 2017
    You have given me the inspiration to do this in my kitchen and I have wanted an island in there but didn't think it was possible till now

    • Grace Grace on Jan 12, 2017
      Oh wow, I am so glad to hear this. I know there are more ways to save depending on how you want to go about. I am glad I jumped in on purchasing those cabinets when I saw them. I still visit Restore often, but never saw a pair that were this good, and we just decided to splurge on the counter top but I know you can find something alternative as well. My kitchen is very small, but we just love hanging around our island. Good luck to you!! Thanks for the kind words!

  • Eileen Eileen on Apr 24, 2017
    I did that was a 3 drawer cabinet from Home Depot and added counter top to match cupboard and back of cabinet added same counter top material. works great to store silverware, plastic containers,etc. Now have a great coffee bar on top.

    • Grace Grace on Apr 24, 2017
      That sounds great! I am glad you found your way to make it work! :D