The Little Cabinet That Could....

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When my mom passed away there was some pieces of furniture I knew I could use. They would need to be updated first. This little cabinet is perfect for our office. But first it needs to be updated.

I've already taken off the door and removed the glass shelf. I did remove the hinges since I didn't want to paint over them. The only prep work I did was to clean the wood with soap and water. I'm using Chalk paint for furniture so there is no need to strip the old varnish. If I was going to restain the entire piece I would want to remove all the old first.

another photo prior to removing the hardware and shelf.

I used paint I had in the house since I wanted to keep the cost down. I never know what may pop up when working with older pieces. I like the gray since it goes with just about any wall color and floor colors. I did do two coats so that did add a day to my project for drying time. It was stormy....if it had been warmer and sunny I could have gotten both coats done in an afternoon.

I finally caught a break with the weather so I was able to finish up the rest of the table in one day. I chose to give it an antique look. It's super simple and is nice for hiding any chips or marks in the wood that became more apparent after painting. This took about 30 minutes. it can take longer or shorter depending on how much you want to do. I always take a step back to look at the piece from time to time to see where I may want to add a bit or maybe get a little more aggressive.

Here is a close up of the sanding. It's truly your's all YOU. Even if you take off too much it's ok. At this point you haven't put on any of the wax so just repaint that section and when it's dry, do it again.

I have wood floors so I have felt protectors on everything. It's nice to have them on tile too as they do help to level a piece that may be wobbly due to uneven flooring. You wouldn't need them on carpet.

This is just a close up of the felt. They are sold in packs of 50 or more for about $4.00.

The last step is to cover the entire piece with wax. I didn't want anything real shiny so I only did two coats. It's really easy to use; just follow the instructions on the container. Each brand has its own instructions.

I am really happy with the final product. It turned out better than I thought it would. I didn't have to replace any hardware or the glass shelf so that worked out perfectly. Grab an old piece of furniture and give it a try. This method works great with picture frames too.

Suggested materials:

  • Cabinet   (on hand)
  • Chalk pain   (on hand)
  • Paint brush   (on hand)
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  • Kevin Kevin on Apr 26, 2021

    You have done a GREAT job i am sure your mother would be pleased that you found a way to use one of her things in your office.


  • William William on Apr 26, 2021

    Cute cabinet. Looks good. Nice color.