Turn A Plain Ikea Mini Storage Chest Into A Boho Beauty

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I saw this wooden storage chest on Ikea.com that was priced just right and perfect for so many uses....jewelry organizer, in the entryway for mail and keys, kitchen for spices, makeup organizer in the bathroom...my head was bursting with ideas! So obviously, I ordered one right away!

Once you're on ikea.com, just search for "MOPPE Mini storage chest" and it'll pop right up!

I had majority of the products on hand already, I just had to purchase the chest...but the total cost listed is for the amount of product used, not the initial purchase price

Listed time to complete project includes work time only, it does not include dry times

Before Boho'in it up 😉

After all the Boho'in

Using 220 grit sandpaper, do a quick sanding over the entire piece to smooth out the wood. Then dust it off

Using a creamy ivory color paint of your choice paint the back of the chest.

For this piece, I used a 50/50 mix of Waverly brand chalk paint in the color cashew mixed with ultra pure white wall paint from Behr

This chest has great wood grain and I still wanted it to be visible. So I decided to do a paint wash.

Pour some paint into a bowl and mix in some water until the consistency is that of a thick chocolate milk.

Grab a sponge (Amazon has great sponges meant for car wax), lightly spritz it with water to dampen it, and then slightly dip it into the paint mixture. You don't want a ton of paint on the sponge.

Then, drag the sponge over the surface of the chest, going with the direction of the wood grain. If you feel you've applied too much paint, use a damp rag and go over the surface a few times.

Repeat this process until the entire piece is painted, drawers included

*Decided which way you want the drawers. As it's meant to be with the finger hole in the front, or turn them around and put the finger hole in the back, then put cute knobs on it

Once the paint has dried, go over it with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth

I wanted a boho look so I used designs from the Redesign With Prima's Bohemian Dreamer stamp. These stamps are super cool! They're durable, so they'll last forever, they are highly detailed and they offer so many different designs!

This specific stamp has 8 separate designs and I only used 2 of those for this project

For the drawer fronts, I used the triangle pattern stamp along with a light-medium gray paint.

Pour some of your paint onto a paper plate. Then take one of Redesign with Prima's foam rollers and roll a bit of paint onto the roller..don't overly saturate the roller..then roll it over the stamp.

*If you want a more solid design, apply a bit more paint. For mine, I applied the paint lightly for a more aged, distressed look.

Carefully pickup the stamp and press it directly down in place. Be sure not to move the stamp once on the surface to ensure it doesn't smudge. Once you've lightly pressed your fingers on each part of the stamp, carefully pick it up.

I continued this process until all of the drawer fronts had this design across the top.

Wash the stamp well with warm water and dish soap as soon as you're finished with it

I then used the design with the elephant from the Bohemian Dreamer stamp and applied that to the top and sides using the same method as above

I had these large 40mm wood beads that I used as the feet.

I first used some wood filler and filled in one side of the hole and allowed to dry, then sanded smooth.

I then painted them in the same gray as the stamp.

Then, drip some wood glue into the other side of the hole and just around it, then place the bead, hole side down on the bottom corner of the chest. Continue this process with all 4 beads. Allow to dry overnight

Decorate, and enjoy 😁

This project was super simple to do, and now I have a unique storage piece that I adore ♥️

The different sized drawers are perfect for good organization.

The chest will live in our entryway until we finish the bathroom reno, and then it will go in there for my makeup, hair items and perfumes

I really love the elephant design in this stamp 😍 I think it may be my favorite!

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I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to create something beautiful to fit your space 😊

Suggested materials:

  • Bohemian Dreamer Decor Stamp   (Etsy)
  • Redesign With Prima 4 Inch Foam Roller   (Etsy)
  • MOPPE Mini storage chest (mines from Ikea)   (Amazon)
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