Turning This Wardrobe Into a Bar

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I got this art deco piece from my local Facebook marketplace. I'm not sure what it is actually. Is it a gentleman's chest? An armoire? A children's dresser? It is about 45 inches tall and it didn't really matter because I knew that in it's new lifetime it's going to be a bar!

I started by disassembling the piece and took off the doors and hardware. Some of the hardware was missing, so right away I ordered some new ones from Amazon. That way they were there once I was finished with the bar. I sanded down the drawers, top, sides and doors with my electric orbital sander with 120 220 and 320 grit sandpaper

Once they were sanded down it was time to mark out my design with frogtape. I use the yellow kind, which is meant for delicate surfaces. This is really helpful when you pull off the tape because the old wood veneer can be really brittle. I painted the edges of the drawers black. For that I used valspar furniture and cabinet paint.

Here it is. You can also see the hexagon hardware I ordered for this piece. I just put them on to see what they would look like and I loved it.

Look at those sharp lines.

I also added some gold lines next to the black ones for a little razzle dazzle!

Next up were the doors! I went with an amazing gold design I call curtains. You'll see why! For this I used the same yellow frogtape and gold acrylic paint. On the back of the cabinet I wanted mirror, so when you opened it up and the lights were on the glassware sparkles like its Christmas. I went to my local glass shop and had a piece of glass cut for the exact size. It was about $45. I used liquid nails to secure the mirror to the back

On the inside I applied this amazing zebra peel and stick wallpaper and added hanging wine glass holder to the top. I also got some battery operated LED lights to complete the look. Once all wood surfaces were complete I applied a polycrilyc clear coat and it was time for picture

Suggested materials:

  • Electric sander   (Amazon)
  • Sand paper   (Amazon)
  • Frogtape for delicate surfaces   (Amazon)
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  • Aimee Aimee on Oct 25, 2021

    What an awesome transformation! Love the wallpaper you used.

  • Brenda Hand-Amunrud Brenda Hand-Amunrud on Oct 26, 2021

    I have an OLD radio that was my grandparents from the 40's. I was thinking about making it into a bar. It is very much like your dresser only with old nonfunctioning radio parts. Thanks for the post.