Updated Cabinet Door

3 Materials
2 Hours

A way to add some texture and a different look to your kitchen cabinets.. we only did this on one but it added some life to an otherwise boring cabinet!

What you will need

1/8 -1/4” mdf board/piece

Air nailer

1x2 boards - times the amount you’ll need per door



Cut your piece of mdf to your cabinet size. Measure the opening of your cabinet to get that measurement and than you will need to figure out your spacing per board( each will be different based on size)

find out the width of your board and divide by the width of the 1x2 pieces(1.5”)

Once you have your pieces cut and measured start nailing them from the back side of your board( or front, you’ll need to fill the nail holes from the front though). It helps to make a tally or mark your board somehow to not have to keep measuring each board when you have started.

Put on your hinges, paint it and taddaa a brand new look for your kitchen! Only takes a bit of time and materials and you have texture and a little fun for those old cabinets.

Suggested materials:

  • 1x2x8 and mdf   (Lumber store)
  • Air nailer   (Hardware store)
  • Paint and hinges   (Hardware store)

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  • Erin Erin on Sep 30, 2021

    How hard is it to clean?

  • Leslie Schmidt Proietti Leslie Schmidt Proietti on Oct 04, 2021

    This looks pretty cool 😎 Really would love to see whole kitchen redo!! Too get the full effect. Wondering what it would look like running horizontally?? 🤔


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