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When we first bought our house, the kitchen was... definitely not my style. It quite reeked of rat poo, missing drawers, and the drawers that was still intact was badly water stained and smelled terrible. So we decided to tear out the whole kitchen and get ourselves a new one!
This was our kitchen before we started the remodel! Thankfully we removed the wall on the right hand side to give it an open-feel to the living room. We also removed an entrance closet that was blocking the whole open house feel.
The funny thing though, instead of taking it down ourselves, we actually posted it on Craigslist and gave it away for free in exchange that they will take it down. MANY people offered, but we chose a guy who is a skilled carpenter to come down and get the cabinetry.
And my hubby said it took the guy the whole day to take them all out. I was out on vacation then, so I never did get to see the carpenter at work.
This is their truck loading all of our cabinets and countertops -- I think my hubby also gave him some of our light fixtures and ceiling fans. Goodbye old cabinets and countertops.
During this time period, I have been in contact with a cabinet seller from Alibaba. Risky move on my part :] we were getting cabinets shipped all the way from China. I gave them the specific measurements of the cabinets, and then the style of the cabinets and countertops we wanted. It took about 2-4 months from the start to the cabinets actually arriving in Port of Oakland. When we were notified that the cabinets have arrived, my husband and I took the day off from work to go grab them. We rented a big U-Haul and was on our way for a 3 hour drive...
Here we are at Port of Oakland, we are getting our cabinets put inside by the workers at the port.
We had to open a one shrink wrapped pallet because the U-haul almost didn't fit unless we break it open. Fortunately everything fits!
Once back home, we unloaded all the cabinets on the front porch and in one of the bedrooms. They were heavy! I think the total weight of these cabinets was about 4900lbs we carried by hand from the U-haul to the house.
Here is the other cabinets in one of the bedrooms.
One of the containers was really heavy and we pried it open to find our quartz countertops.
We installed all the cabinets (they were Euro style). All the cabinets are in high gloss grey, soft pull out drawers in the bottom drawers. All "new" appliances. When I say new, its not brand new but new for us :]

Here is the breakdown cost:
6200 for Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops - Actually 5200 but costs about 500 for U-Haul rental and 500 for out of country paperwork to the port and such.
260 for our refrigerator from CL
450 for our stove from CL
100 for our dishwasher from CL
100 for our range hood from eBay
Another picture of our kitchen. This was probably our most challenging DIY ever! So glad to finally be done

P.S - The hanging rods that holds our pans and cups and the crates with fake plants are from IKEA!

Suggested materials:

  • Kitchen Cabinets   (Alibaba)
  • Quartz Countertops   (Alibaba)

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  • Jeannie Harris Jeannie Harris on Apr 23, 2017
    Wow, what a fantastic remodel! This happens to be one of the best kitchen makeovers I've ever seen! So very professionally done and I love the sleek modern design. I am sooo jealous! One small stated the appliances were not new (sure look they are) and you purchased them from CL; what is CL? Would appreciate your reply. Thanks
    J. Harris

  • Carol A. Carol A. on Apr 26, 2017
    where did you get your cabinets?

  • Kristi Neill Clagg Kristi Neill Clagg on Feb 10, 2019

    Love your kitchen! What did you put between your hood and stove?


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