Vanity Stool Save!

Another one of my landfill saves...she sat in my warehouse, overlooked, until she shouted my name!
This is what I started with. I chose Serenity for the legs, with a White Linen Wash, and a fresh coat of White Linen over the fabric!
The cushion was in good shape, except being ugly and stained. I cleaned her fabric then.....
Applied the first coat of White Linen diluted with water at a ration of 70/20.
Second coat.......then I painted her base.
I did a White Linen Wash over the top of the Serenity and highlighted the detail, sealed with Matte Protective Finish on the base....
And Pearl Protective Glaze for the cushion!
And placed with her vanity!! Another save♡

For more information on the products I use, go to 100% Non-Toxic, never animal tested, hypoallergenic and certified CRIB SAFE by the US Government!
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