Victorian Kitchen

2 Days
When we moved into this neglected, almost condemned Victorian, my husband wanted to tear out the kitchen cabinets but they were actually well made so, since we needed money for every other part of the house, I decided to paint them. He was upset when he came in and saw me painting them black but simply said that its already dark in here are you sure you want to paint them black? I told him to come back in a few hours. When he did he totally liked what he saw, not to mention the $5,000.00 we saved. They have been this way for 30 years now, so no sense in replacing them!!!!!!! After finishing the cabinets, I moved on to the pantry and closet doors, then to the walls. Finally moved throughtout the house, painting murals and simple paintings on the walls. One whole room is a mural, including floor and ceiling.
Thank you all to those who enjoyed this and asked for more pictures. Here are some that are scattered throughout the house and part of the porch. I did put them down in the comments section before I realized I could simply add on to these. I am so glad that you liked them!
kitchen cabintes
kitchen pantry
these are the cabinets under the kitchen sink
one kitchen wall, only the faux brick is painted
cat and mouse on front stairway
I love tassels so I've painted them everywhere I could
this is a copy of our front screen door. There is only 1 door so I doubled it here.
Can't take a picture of the whole door because the hall is very narrow. This is the bottom of the door, some stencils were used
this is the top of the door. I missed a picture of the middle, lol.
This cat picture with tassel was in a difficult place to paint so I couldn't get a good shot with the camers.
Harry Lauder's walking stick in a pot.
this is the room that is totally painted. This part is the Mad Hatter section. The grapevines and small branches are real.
Teegie looking down thru the lattice painted on the ceiling. Teegie went to Heaven years ago, but he is still here with me through this.
The floor was where I finally had enough. It started out painted as old bricks but ended up painted as tiles.
a vase of plumes on a stand
the fern fronds are stencils
my husband loved the Old West so I painted this picture on the window and the bathroom for him
this fireplace is in the Christmas room. It now has an antique mantel and many Christmas items scattered in front of it. Thats Cybil laying in front of it. Now in Heaven with Teegie.
This is part of the tiny bathroom under the front stairway.
Monroe on the old horse barn
I wanted a vase that looked like the cats hadn't danced in it but I think I like the cluttered look better. Had to use an extension ladder for the window. On a small landing, scary!
most of the flowers are stencils. This is on the side porch
the ceiling of the same part of the porch. It is supposed to represent morning to night. Looks much smaller than it actually is.

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  • The Egg Shell Lady The Egg Shell Lady on Apr 27, 2020

    Now this is ART!!!! So talented, so lovely, everything is beautiful. I just love the cabinets with the chickens, and the chicken wire. Show me more of your creations!!

  • Harry Haggen Harry Haggen on Feb 23, 2021

    You are AMAZING. Simply amazing. TRULY amazing!

    This is the best post I have read all year!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art, skills and inspiration :-)