Waterfall Buffet Restyled, Repaired and Reinvented

14 Days
1940 Waterfall Buffet, Sideboard. Purchased from a friend's son that I have know for years. It was his grandmother's on his father's side and taking up too much space in his garage. What a beauty this was and lots of hours to finish.
Two Tone Waterfall Restyled 1940's Buffet
Waterfall 1940's Oyster Metallic used on the drawer's and doors. Trim added on top and new shelves inside the doors. Stained after much intensive restoration with a true walnut stain and discover the wood was actually walnut to our delight. Clear coated X3 for durability and longevity. Three Stage Turbine Commercial Sprayer used for all painting and clear coats. No brush strokes on our furniture. Reproduction hardware found on-line that is like the original Bakelite. This jewelry pops the piece.
Beginning stages of dissection
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