DIY Industrial Crystal Pendant Light Hack

First let me say I thought this would be much easier than it actually was. I had this idea in my mind but took forever to bring it together because I was stuck on certain aspects of construction this pendant. But pictured below is the end result and really that is all that matters, right? It's pretty cool and fits into this small so nicely
So I started this project off with your basic $8 metal clamp work light. You can purchase these practically anywhere. I took off the light and electric cord and just used the metal shell. I spray painted a mat black with rustoleum primer and paint as a base coat. I then used a combination of bronze metallic, orange, brown, and graphite acrylic paint Ina sponging pattern to create a rusty look
I purchased a basic bronze pendant kit from Lowes for $17.99 plus tax. I attached (had to glue to top of metal shell). I then started to play around with attaching crystal strands. This really was the most difficult part. I just couldn't figure out how to get it secure enough so the strands would line up perfectly. It as very frustrating.
I decided to purchase a small weave chicken wire and construct the insert to hold the crystal strands. OMG, what a pain in the arse. The nuts and bolts seen on bottom rim of dome are what will secure the chicken wire grid inside the shell.
Still with all this work creating the round insert to secure the crystals on was difficult to get a snug fit. I couldn't get the length of the crystal strands to be even.
I was getting stressed and frustrated about the crystals alignment so I put my energy into the cord length from the ceiling. I measured for the desired length and wrapped cord (with glue gun) with jute twine. Can ya tell I like jute, and burlap? I figured let me try and hang it and see if I can balance out length of crystals.
It as much easier to work on balancing the crystal lengths after installing it and we really like the soft light it gives off to this space. Not impossible to make and I. Sure there are others out in DIY land who could probably figure out a better any to hang those cystals but I think it's cute. Much better than those builder are dome lights.
Pretty cool, isn't it?

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  • Kylah Zeoli Murphy Kylah Zeoli Murphy on Jan 01, 2016
    Where are the crystals from?

  • Marie Hoke Marie Hoke on Apr 01, 2016
    Will you make me one!? 😉 and where did you get the crystals??

  • Marie Hoke Marie Hoke on Apr 01, 2016
    Will you make me one!? 😉 and where did you get the crystals??


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  • Pam Perkins Zirbel Pam Perkins Zirbel on Oct 21, 2015
    Well done!!!! I love the middle being longer than the outsides!! If that's what you were going for! Love!! Now do another one for the bathrooms!! LOL....Well done!!!!

    • Mish Volonino Mish Volonino on Oct 21, 2015
      @Pam Perkins Zirbel yes, i wanted the middle longer. thats why i was having such a rough time with getting them lined up. I actually did a DIY bathroom light that i got off of Pinterest. so easy and works great with my decor.

  • Julie Moyna Julie Moyna on Oct 23, 2015
    I am glad the crystals aren't uniform. I love it!