How to Install a Light Fixture Without Wiring

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This one seems like straight wizardry! This is a huge Instagram trend right now. And after we learned how easy it is to do, we think we're going to do it again in other rooms where there needs a little more light.

You can use any wall sconce you like, but here's the one we used.

Anyway, if you also want to recreate this magic light trick, here’s how we installed a light fixture without wiring:

Optional: Spray paint light

This is totally optional. We couldn't find a reasonably priced wall sconce in the bronze color we were hoping for, so we bought a cheaper option online and spray painted it.

If you find one in the color you like, jump right to the next step.


Superglue plumbing piece to puck light

First you’ll take your little plumbing piece and add some superglue to the flat side, then stick that into the middle of the back of the puck light. Leave it for a little while to dry and get super stuck.

Install wall sconce

Next you’ll clip the wiring in the back of the light fixture because, obviously, this is a post about how to install a light fixture without wiring so you’re not going to need it. Then just install the light fixture like you would any other light but without the wiring – so drill the back mount into the wall at the right height and then attach the front piece.

Screw in the puck lights

The beauty of those little plumbing pieces is that the other side is essentially the same as the screw part of a lightbulb, so you’ll just screw it in there like you would a lightbulb. Use the remote control to turn the lights on and off, dim them, put them on a timer, whatever.

The batteries will need to be replaced eventually, but it's a lot cheaper and simpler option than running wires.

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  • Light fixture
  • Puck lights
  • Plumbing pieces
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  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Apr 04, 2021

    I love the idea but I've used this type of light twice in my kitchen and found that it didn't really give much light and the batteries go fairly quickly. What brand did you use and do the batteries last any length of time? But I thank you for sharing how you made them into a lamp. :-)

  • Lillyrose Lillyrose on Apr 04, 2021

    Can these puck lights be used outdoors if they are covered well?

  • Ava Ava on Apr 04, 2021

    What is a puck light?


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