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We are building a home and want to custom a few things - especially the lighting. There will be six of these carriage lights on the outside of our home. I want an industrial/farmhouse look. I think we nailed it with these lamps. Bonus - they gave me the look I wanted without the expensive price tag! I really love how my vision became reality.

All lit up - finished project

This is what the light will look like when mounted - think carriage lights on each side of the garage, out the back door, and etc. We scored six of these lamp "parts" at a flea market for $20/each.

What you will need.

After headed off to the flea market, we scored 6 of these beauties. They are aircraft parts and will work great for carriage lights on the outside of the home. They are made of aluminum and have an "open" pattern to make it attractive even when lit up. My husband did a lot of U-Tube DYI videos to decide how he wanted to wire these up.

Assembled light

Using 1/2" black cast iron pipe (flange, 5" nipple from flange, T-coupler with cap on top and 3" nipple below. Connected 3" nipple to a 1/2" to 1 1/4" reducing coupling (coupling is inside). Glued the coupling with epoxy on the inside.

Another look

Attach the light socket to the coupler with silicone glue and run the wire through the pipe housing and out the flange. The flange will be attached to either directly to the house wall or to a wood mount (that will then be attached to the house wall) -- haven't decided yet.

It took my talented hubby a day to make 6 of these lamps.

Suggested materials:

  • Aircraft parts   (Flea market find! About$20/ea. (6 total))
  • 5" black cast iron pipe nipples 1/2" diameter   (Amazon)
  • 3" black cast iron pipe nipples 1/2" diameter   (Amazon)
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