My Kitchen Redo

I removed the wallpaper from my kitchen wall, and repainted the wall, added a chair rail, and the cabinets, upper and lower. I've decided that if the cabinets ever need that work again, I'm getting new cabinets installed instead (LOL) and I'm still not finished yet. I've got to get the pegboard that I bought painted and installed over the stove area.
Before Painting
Before painting and the wallpaper was removed; please excuse the mess ;). My nephew pretty well stayed out of my way :)
After painting, still a little mess :)
After paint job, and got up the new decoration and curtain over sink
after paint job ;)
The other end of the kitchen, with the new chair rail :), no I didn't miter the corners, I've yet to learn how to do that, so it looks a little strange, but their all mine :)...I will pull out my dad's mitering box and learn though :)

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  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Feb 23, 2016
    Great job! The hardware stores might have corner pieces that you can use instead of mitering, if that helps.

  • Grandmama16 Grandmama16 on Sep 25, 2016
    Oh, here it is '16 and I finally see a kitchen that's like mine....the white upper, before, cabinets are exactly like mine and I don't know what to do with them. They have no interesting levels, just flat, but are real wood. I'm considering using chalk paint and trying to fill in the area above the cabinets. I need it to be easy as possible. We're in our 70's and hubby has Parkinsons and I have Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes and other minor things but after taking meds I'll feel like trying a project. I'd like to redo the small dining area....would have to tear off wallpaper, like you, and squares of mirrors but haven't decided how to re-do. We have a window but I think chair rail would work. I also need to re_do hallway....might use chalk paint above the chair rail wallpaper. It's plain blue and a mistake. I really like wallpaper but it's so hard and we have little money. We even wallpapered the slanted ceilings in hall and dining area but hubby hates it. I need ideas and advice. We did our dining/kitchen floor a few years ago with peel and stick. Worked OK if you don't look closely. He put a piece of new carpet in middle of kitchen. I don't like it but......We would love love love to enlarge the kitchen so that it'd be easier for kids and their families to visit. Somehow we raised 7 kids like it is and to enlarge would cut off the carport. '60's houses are the pits. Due to rules we couldn't enlarge more than 5' out to the front so that would not help much and then where to put steps...more rules. So, we're back to maybe doing little things. We've never even gotten the basement done well so it's laundry and storage. ....lots of stuff. It'll stay until youngest son moves out. M.A.

    • Jean M Jean M on Sep 25, 2016
      wow. Well, my kitchen looks worse to me than the pictures I posted here. So, thank you. I just noticed my Cat Frank was in one of the pictures, I didn't notice that before. I had to put Frank down. So, it was nice to see him here. I want to remodel my kitchen, make it larger if possible, redo the floor, and redo the cabinets on the bottom. I agree, my cabinets are boring loaoking and I'd like to replace the doors so their glass instead; the glass wouldn't be clear so that I could see all the stuff in the shelves. 5 feet out from the northern wall would be great for me if I could move the outer wall that far. I've never had that checked to see if it would be feasible. My house belonged to my parents when they bought it in 1966, I think my dad told me once that it was made in the late 50's. It's awful to try and update everything in the house, nothing ever works out perfect since the pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms are so old. I would like to add an addition to the back, screened/glassed in windows for a porch and a wooden patio for a barbecue area. I would like to redo the kitchen and redo my bathrooms. I haven't even started painting all the walls in the house yet I need to repaint the bathrooms AGAIN. Oh well, thanks for replying to my post.