Advice on can behind kitchen countertop?

When we moved to our home there were only kitchen cabinets on back wall. We ripped everything out and wrapped cabinets around and I wanted and painted them. My dad had to build 2 to fill in corner and one on top. In doing so he built a bit too big so now we have a gap behind countertop. In some places it's 1/2" other a whole inch. Any suggestions on getting rid of this gap without replacing countertops. Thanks

q advice on can behind kitchen countertop
q advice on can behind kitchen countertop
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  • Carol Cole Carol Cole on Jul 11, 2018

    Just put a board that size in there and get some curved molding over that.

  • Michelle Jones Michelle Jones on Jul 11, 2018

    What about a tile finishing cap? You could also use a narrow shelf to sit right on top of the backsplash edge. Small spaces I generally caulk with a caulk gun. Just finished doing this to the tops of the kitchen cabinets where they don't meet the wall. This also requires painting the caulking so be sure to get a paintable caulk.

    • Sarah Sarah on Jul 11, 2018

      A shelf along there is exactly what I was thinking but my husband thinks it will look bad. Thanks for the suggestion. That's what I'm going to try