Can I paint a Formica counter?

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Nov 23, 2019

    Hi Elida,

    Ann is right. You can do it. Here are some important tips.

    ALWAYS do ALL of the preparation work. That will give you the base to make it work. Don't skip anything.

    Another tip is to be careful with polyurethane. Most polyurethanes will yellow and that could ruin the look of your hard work. Look for one that says "non-yellowing" on the label or use and polycrylic.

    Also, watch your sealer. Over time it can look scuffed or dull. The secret is to add and extra coat if it's starting to look worn. Be sure to clean it well before adding that extra coat. This will help your countertop look good for longer.

    There are some kits made for Formica countertops. You don't have to use them but they do have what you need.

    Do more research for different methods. You can paint countertops to look like granite or marble - using colors that will work in YOUR home.

    Wishing you the best.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Nov 23, 2019

    I used ENVIROTEX resin on our countertops. Totally ok around food and they use it on bar tops. I painted my kitchen countertops with stone spray and made it look granite like. You can get it at Home Depot, Lowes etc in paint section. Then poured envirotex resin on top of it. You might want to make a frame for the sides of the countertop because the edges are tricky to get a smooth finish. But whatever you do, cover the lower cabinets with plastic because when it gets poured, it will drip down off the sides. Follow the directions on the box and you will love the result. For a few years after we did it, people thought it was granite. Good Luck! Then you use a blow torch to get all the bubbles out. Google tutorials. It's a great product and our countertops have held up for years now. I think we used 5-6 boxes of envirotex for our countertops. Totalling around $300. hope this helps. It definitely has extended our old pink laminate countertops for another 5 years before we can afford real granite or quartz. Good Luck!

  • Molly Molly on Nov 23, 2019

    There are counter top refinishing kits but if you are looking for a budget option Melamine paint works well. I used this many years ago to cover up chipped and scorched Arborite, kitchen countertops until I could afford new ones, it is easy to clean and durable. It is tintable but downside is it gives you plain one color counters. Google it, one site is:

    I have also used it on basement workshop counters & metal surfaces; never needed to re-touch any of them after 20-30 years use. I didn't find it hard to apply, I just cleaned surface well, used an all purpose primer, applied 2 coats with a roller and have never used a sealer coat. Type of roller to use depends on whether you want a smooth or textured finish.

  • Megan Megan on Mar 25, 2020

    Hi Elida! Epoxy works GREAT over formica! You just need to sand prime and paint your colors before you begin! Here is a post on how to pour epoxy over your countertops!